Os eleitos podem eleger
          um representante para um conselho maior.

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Translated from English to Swedish by Foxy from Sweden (okt 2014). Below a better English translation from Foxy as well (corrections underlined).

                    Constitution 7

                        - o -
                   This is our way
         Our councils are formed by delegates
         each supported by 50 persons or more.
         The delegates may group to support
         a representative in a larger council.
Our people make decisions together by one vote per person,
       the non-votes can be added by the delegates.
When a company loses its founder and is of substantial size,
        they become ruled by those working in it.
               We will not allow anyone
                  to become too rich.
          Everyone will have an equal share
        of the natural resources in our nation.
            Every human being is respected
                and a goal in itself.
                        - o -


© Written and (C)opyright by Jos Boersema. This constitution text is released into the `public domain', do what you want with it.