About www.law4.org

This website contains proposals for the political and economic structure of society, flowing from a rational economic science about prices and power, in the form of a new national Constitution, a way to implement that Constitution, among some other things. There is no organization associated with this, it is the personal website of the undersigned. You can not donate money to me, keep your money for yourselve, or use it to further this program if you like. I put these things online in the hope and expectation to positively affect society with more economic justice and less corruption.

Obviously the claim has to be that this is a superior political program, why else manufacture it and ask for its implementation. Other programs may overlap, for example this is not the first program that has either land reform, or democratization of corporations, or calls for direct democracy. However this program is quite detailed, a program of action that should be doable in the real world, against hostile pressures. It is a recipe for reform/revolution from A to Z. It goes from starting up small activities by one person, to world Sovereign Revolution and even armed uprising if needed, Then the transition into this new system, merging with existing law. It does say fairly exactly what should be done and always why that and often has multiple general suggestions, although the main thing is to set up the properly mandated powers flowing from the people (on accaision one has to make something up, like a symbol, where any symbol would do.) If you want to bake a cake consult a cooking book, if you want to get rid of Government and corporate corruption perhaps you should consult www.law4.org ! Why not ?

No management is coming out of this website or from undersigned. Just like you won't find "now ask the author of this recipe whether there should be more honey into the mix" or "call the central world office for this cake recipe in case of any problems," you won't find any "now ask Boersema what to do next" either. A recipe is a piece of written text and perhaps some pictures. You are free to do as you please with it, it is all up to the people. It will likewise be for you to judge the results (by living them) and certainly not me, hopefully enjoying the fruits of your labor, and making adjustments according to your needs and taste (of course). Good luck if you want to try it.

You do it because you agree with it, you are following your own decisions - not mine - and you are responsible for your choices good, bad and neutral. You don't 'follow' this plan: you engage in the parts you agree with and therefore you follow your own plan.

Jos Boersema (1974) Groningen

These things no dot flow from any other movement, do not reduce to any other movements or religions. I made it up in my home completely alone and with nobody else even understanding a single thing I was doing, and did not read any books (although I do of course have general knowledge about history and society) but I thought about the problems trying to make sense, and that's all. The goal is more happyness for mankind.