Changes in theory

Since Dec 10 2008 / 14 Kislev 5769 I'm no longer changing what came before, even if later disagreeing with it. The reason is to have something fixed, from which alterations can be defined, to make it easier to identify forgeries (changing 1 letter means the signature code changes).

Below is a list of things I'm thinking differently about then before. At the moment (Sat Feb 21 11:22:33 UTC 2009) nothing has been tested through experiment, hence it is only gues-work and mind-simulation until it is.


Sat Feb 21 11:02:09 UTC 2009: voter group size from 100 to 50 voters.
Significant: make/break
Certainty: good (note that some archives are not updated because they are fixated)


Tue Sep 8 19:29:29 UTC 2009 foreign transportation instead chapter 7 (see).
Significant: relatively irrelevant detail
Certainty: reasonable


Fri Jan 7 16:25:48 UTC 2011 Country currency control instead no currency unions
Significant: relatively irrelevant detail
Certainty: good


Fri Dec 2 12:20:56 UTC 2011 Install supreme court judges instead current CC no power over case
Significant: moderately important
Certainty: good


Mon Jan 2 08:40:46 UTC 2012 Voter-block housekeeper and delegate add mandatory separation of power
Significant: somewhat
Certainty: fair


zo feb 5 10:23:13 UTC 2012 Removing Imperial domination reduce it even further.
Significant: medium
Certainty: good


ma mrt 19 15:30:25 UTC 2012 Free market embedding its freedoms stronger (link)
Significant: medium
Certainty: good


Mon Oct 8 12:02:04 UTC 2012 law making separation executive and law-making powers (link) "Council Agenda, Law" becomes "Council Law Making" (both 3.1.d-2.2)
Significant: yes
Certainty: good


Sun Oct ? 09:42:33 UTC 2012
Significant: for clarity sake
Certainty: good
The word "(not global)" is changed into "national," in "* Money is transferred to a new national currency" which is what it already had meant (it was an erroneous nod to then popular international currency, or the idea of a larger currency between Sovereign provincial states; something like the Euro was never the idea with this because it is wildly too large; currency is closely connected to Sovereignty, some will perhaps rightly claim it is the essential Sovereignty.)


Tue Dec 18 11:10:22 UTC 2012 - present
There are no doubt many language errors on this site. I'll collect some if I find them accidentally or get notified and correct in bulk. Secondly it is good to read something knowing there may be errors, so that it is read with a critical mind. These are proposals (everything on this website) which I define as being in a state of draft since nobody else looked at them (an advanced draft state since it is fairly big and complex).

1. Word 'general' twice (3.2.a-3.1). [Fixed: HTML. Todo: PDF]

Thank you for your understanding.


Tue Nov 11 12:08:15 UTC 2014
There are additional amendments created here: 240+ Constitution

See for website changes here: new.html Further updates to this changelog file is unlikely, see elsewhere.

See for some other minor things and possibly confusions:./post/004/deconfuse/


Don't expect this extensive 'draft' to be changed significantly by anyone and then re-uploaded here. This is not a 2 week high-school project where without arguments the professor will pontificate what's right or wrong out of the grandeur of his position in this (failed?) society. Materials fused with ideas of others would rather become new documents, not replace this draft-proposal. There may be a few errors still (hopefully not), but I don't think there will be many or major because it has been thought about for so long by undersigned, then rethought and so on. Still it is quite possible to have errors, hence please know what you are doing. (Note that for example starting a political party to these ends is not a dangerous activity, and allows for testing of some of the systems here in a safe non/sub-Sovereign environment.) The most important part not to have errors in is the Government system, because you need it to correct other errors by law-making. I would think this is as good as I can make it. Good luck with it if you like some of it. Keep in mind that while the logic of something may be good, practice is a different game.... Part of good practice is good planning, but good planning does not compensate for bad practice.

I hope that people will copy and spread these materials, perhaps build websites that present these and/or other ideas better, and create their own visions with these and/or other and their own ideas, which is also what this website is. Everything here can be freely copied/shared and changed. The computer program sede - secure democracy is GPL licensed (which also allows for copying and re-distribution,) the rest is public domained. Please share, copy and redistribute freely; please engage in these proposals if you like them.

Tue Dec 18 2012 & 5th Tevet 5773, Groningen, Jos Boersema.


It looks like this effort to create a system of economics (and Government) that could work better (stabilize fairness long term, not have nations crash as quickly as they used to from the corruption, greed and crime of their ruling classes) has circled back at the point of noting (see Introduction to 'Constitution Proposal') that it has not been proof-read by anyone. The rest is up to you, good luck. You think you can trust the cronies of capitalism or whatever other creed to do that for you, and spoon feed you why their order has to go on ? Good luck with that then. The effort here is only to give you at least a fighting chance, not to win the war on your behalf. You have to do that yourself: live it and be it. It shouldn't and couldn't be any other way. Another can not live your life for you, it wouldn't be your life anymore.


Just because I considder this proposal now 'finished,' doesn't mean there can never be added a new idea here, or some website updates. It only means that I am no longer thinking in a concentrated (and concerned) way about it. Without thinking about it, probably nothing will change except by luck or accident. It is not possible to always be thinking hard on the same subjects, just like it isn't possible to study a music piece endlessly.

Corrections by the reader

If you have any corrections, please send them as a list ("so and so" in file URL ( should be "such and such") rather then a corrected file that could be uploaded ("here is a corrected file law.html, you can upload it, it has 20 spelling mistakes corrected"). What is send in by strangers can not necessarily be trusted. Attackers could have damaged parts of the text or added hostile HTML tags, etc. If a whole file gets send with corrections, I will need to run `diff(1)` on it to extract what exactly was changed and then manually edit it. This is slightly more work, and makes comments on the errors harder. If you do not want your name to be noted for helping this site, please alert me to that or I will list your name and effort. An e-mail will probably do; subject could start with " correction" (I do get some SPAM and would not want to miss your message accidentally, if you do not get a reply/thank-you please send again after a few weeks because I may have accidentally missed it sorry.) Look for your list of errors to be noted here under 10 first, above. E-mail in plain text (not HTML) is preferred. Thank you for caring.