This website tries to answer the question:
How to distribute political and economic power to all.

This website promotes: non-capitalist, non-communist free trade, while at the same time achieving the best of all other systems (which is surprisingly easy.) ---->> continued ...

Sometimes this is called free trade socialism or Distributism. Unfortunately there is no word to adequately cover the amount of details on this website. The question that cuts through to the core could be: do you want to have the power to live your life and control your share of the Republic, or are you a little Imperial slave, happy to follow orders for the rest of your life. If you are the former, you may find what you want on this website. If you are the latter, hopefully you would change your mind after studying the proposals here. The traditional "capitalists" who think they are for free trade, may be surprised to learn here that this traditional capitalism is seen as a form of mass slavery here, of serfdom, of misery, of feudalism and Fascism, even when all this misery starts out historically with a measure of freedom and hence prosperity. The traditional capitalist is invited to make a choice: are you really for freedom, or are you really for high Capital, are you really for free trade, or are you really promoting it to get rich and have serfs serving you.

Proposed here is: a human scale direct and representative democratic Constitutional Republic with a human scale free market for products and services, outlawing Oligarchy, free land for all forever, and internally democratic larger businesses, while maintaining the freedom to start businesses and run them as desired. This is worked out in a full lenght Constitution, and a system of reforms and revolutions that goes from small local subsovereign activity, to larger efforts including changing existing law, to full scale Revolutions, to armed defense against murdering gangsters, to Revolutionary war of conquest against repression, to a distributed cell resistance inside a tyrannical system.

It is perhaps important to notice that this is not a radical / extremist ideology, despite it being ready for every eventuality. There will be a State, but it will not be absolute. There will be a democracy as direct as theoretically possible, yet there will be a Head of State to take over as King in case of chaos. There will not be a cadre of dangerous ultra-rich people, but there will be differences in income based on how hard people work and how succesful their trade is. There will be laws that make war unlikely and difficult, yet there is a National Army. There is a National Army, yet it trains perhaps more to deal with the problems of famine or natural disasters. There will be national currency in the form of Government spend fiat (probably), but gold will not be confiscated. There will be large and small businesses, but no international or very large businesses. There won't be international businesses, but there will be international trade. There won't be very large businesses, but there could be large State operations of infrastructure maintenance. There would ideally be both wild nature, managed nature, public space, private productive land and private homes. There would be a certain Constitution, but within it is enshrined the right to dissent and attempt to change that Constitution. There could be a new Constitution, but all laws not conflicting with it remain operational until duely changed. A Sovereignty and system of Courts would be established as one within the Nation, but the right exist to become a new independent Nation with enough people. There would be the need to work for a living, but you have free land to start your own life however you see fit. Although in theory everyone can make a living with an equal value share of natural resources, in practice it will probably remain necessary to have certain social welfare components operational for the sick, disabled and others. Some would want to use a lot of land and they can do so, but only if enough others rent them their land for use. The government sphere has a fairly defined basic structure, and the rules of the economic game are also clear, but what people wish to produce for a living and trade (because they must eat) or do in their spare time or what to spend their money on is free. There is no committee who says who should do what, yet there could and probably should be schools and help organizations of all kinds, some publicly funded. It is a detailed balanced system, based on common sense and critical thinking, attempting to minimize the damage done by the corruptability and greed of humans, by giving everyone the best possible opportunity to defend themselves from others their wrongdoings, and combine with each other to fruitfull causes. It is a Nation under Law as opposed to a Nation under the whim of a ruling clique, but the law also guards against excessive law making. Empires and subversion of the Sovereignty of the nation are outlawed, but free cooperation with other nations is not cut off. It is essentially the same system we already know, with a few interesting tweaks. It could be implemented slow, but also fast by merely changing a number of ownership titles, yet leaving the use and production activity as such unchanged. There are of course no crazy courts demanding people to wear white robes on certain holidays, or to belief in this that or the other or not to belief in anything, or other such offensive and absurdist madness, but there would probably be traffic law, taxation laws, and so on. You can organize sports competitions, music groups of all kinds, create campings, restaurants and hotels, clothes manufacturing businesses, retail businesses, transport businesses, jewerly businesses, and so on ad infinitum, but you are not allowed to create mafia extortion "businesses" and run thievery rings (of course), or run off with public money, do violence to people, and so on (all merely common sense law that already exists). There would be a police force, but it is not allowed to kill on sight, they can only detain people to bring them to the public courts. There would be courts of law, but they would be appointed by the People in general (this by the way is not extremely defined in this system, although still functionally ready, leaving room for both a Jury type or a professional judge type systems, to fit the various nations their traditions.) If the above sounds like a lot and how could it be part of this system: there is a lot more that is defined in this system then the cursory sketch above.

As the reader hopefully has concluded by now: this is not a system of madness. It is much the same as many nations have already. Yet it has some hopefully useful differences, of such fundamental nature that it could affect everything. Undersigned sees this system as the next big step toward Justice and sensible living, after the first step was the overthrow of the feudal system and the order that was then established, which contained representative Governments, freedoms to trade, own land and other private property, and so on. This system would close a number of dangerous holes in the democratic-capitalist order we have now, which threaten do bring this current system back to the feudal system through various dictatorial and Imperial forms of organization in businesses and Government (or to put it more simply to curb the rise of fascism, and lay foundations upon which such a destruction of Justice is less likely to flourish).

The reader could guess all day whether or not it is a tight system or not, whether it is practical or not, but there is no other way to know then to study and even experiment with it in order to find out. Unfortunately many might hazzard a wild guess that this system is "just more crazyness," because then they don't have to invest the time and that is the easy way out to the pub. Long live the crazyness of the given order ? Hopefully you are not like them, and that if you have studied this system and belief it is useful, then you might want to alert the others so that we can do it and maybe have a little bit more interesting lives within the new model, with fewer wars and fewer exploitation, fewer lies from the Government, more happyness for more people. It seems unfortunately a rather daunting task to study all of the presented material here. Keep in mind however that this is a whole system of economics and Government. Even in todays world with its at the root over-simplistic systems of economics (wildly trade everything and expect the markets to solve it, for example), these topics are multi year academic studies. Perhaps the reader should approach this subject in similar fashion. Keep in mind that if it would be good, then you will not just study it for many hours, it will perhaps be the ship within which you live your life. You could also ask yourself: what ship are you now in, and what are you going to do when it sinks ? You could be in a day to day emergency, costing more energy then the deep studying of the here presented systems of economics & Government. Unfortunately the stability of the present State in the long term proves too often an illusion; the eventual cost of its breakdown tends to be horrifying. Keep these costs and benefits in mind, while assessing whether a long study of these topics presented here might be worthwhile or not. Having warned the reader of the possible complexity ahead if one wishes to study this proposal to its full length, the systems here are also summarized in various steps to cater to various time people may wish to invest, even to its core of just two words: power distribution.

The hysterical among the people will immediately be disappointed that there will perhaps be a long struggle ahead and that they don't get their luxuries on a silver platter merely for not supporting the latest wars and wearing a peace sign. So be it, Revolution and Sovereignty is not for children. If you are not ready to die for Justice, then perhaps you are neither ready to live peacefully under its protecting wings. As for those who dare and wish to know: let's do it.