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New Constitution of Liberty

This model is interesting on details, and focussed on individual freedoms. It is a bona fide attempt to create a Constitution (imho). It seems to be a model in the theme of the American Constitution and more generally Roman Republic (western forms of democracy). Although it is certainly enticing to create a model in which those who pay the taxation burden or the self-defense burden or some other special class who at first appear most patriotic and responsible to their nation, to be the ones who decide the law and the State (something that also crossed undersigned mind when writing a Constitution), it seems to me that this risks creating a class society over time. The risk is that those with the power will cordon themselves off around that power to become something in the way of an entrenched oligarchy, even if this is perhaps not within their rights given in this model. This is already the gravest threat to a nation, even under the best of circumstances. Undersigned doubts that it would be wise to create a model that goes a ways in such a direction from the start, even when the precise opposite is the objective of the model: to create a responsible class that will keep the nation free for all. The corrupt, devious and traitorous will worm their way into the class of power, and that is the start of the problems. (This probably does not do complete justice to the given proposal, but this is how it comes across to me.) The solution undersigned chooses here - which is the problem of a large segment (minority or majority) of the population being irresponsible or even criminal scum - is to divide away into a new Nation with mainly the responsible element. The irresponsible element will then have a chance to create their own society, have their own history, learn their own lessons from it. The nation then remains one whole, equal for the law, with free expression of their political will. They can not be denied their rights such as voting rights, if for example they would take exception to a certain pledge or set of responsibilities to become part of the special class of responsibility.

On the topic of economics, this model seems to follow a free trade model including land and capital (although I could be mistaken, please correct me if this is wrong.)

Jos Boersema

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