Different Alternatives

Below here are some fundamentally different ways to organize (or disorganize) Nations, economies, and so on, of a similar detailed method as is proposed on this website as a DAVID system.

It seems appropriate to debate these alternatives in a forum like manner, so that the proponents may interject their own viewpoints. May the best model win the minds of the people ;). A word to the proponents of these alternatives: it is assumed that you wish for your model to be discussed freely by any and all, that you have placed your model in the public sphere to be freely linked to and quoted (at least in part, with author(s) being attributed within reason). If you request your model not be discussed here, expect that your request will be denied. However please use the comment space to your own advantage !!! Consider it your own.

If you are missing your (very) detailed (and serious) model here, feel free to add a link to it and describe what it is about. To discuss the system proposed by this site see here: DAVID system.

Detailed model: One World Government

Go to local discussion page: ./nwo-worldparliament.html

Detailed model: European Constitution

Go to local discussion page: ./eu-constitution


Go to local discussion page: ./NCoL.html

Add your model !

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