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Rules: no product spam, no flooding.

Here is a discussions page about alternatives that are quite different then what is proposed here: ./alternatives.html

If you wonder what might be OK here, read this:

1. No product spam, but you may link to political materials if you do so elegantly, including your own. "I like this film about socialism/capitalism democracy/tyranny," or "read this book about revolution," is ok; "Buy this DVD about Italian shoes," can get you banned. Making arguments in favor of your personal political bend is on topic. Tell why you love anarchy or communism, libertarianism, liberalism, socialism, communism, this that or such a Constitution; and why that is better then what is proposed here, is not only OK, it is the topic ! This could even include religions if they have economic and Governmental dimensions (which some certainly do). Repeatedly trolling for members for your own outfit here and which does not fit this "DAVID" system here proposed, which is perhaps your personal money maker or power platform rather then an objective ideology, might at some point be regarded as being spam (a warning is likely, rather then a banning, if it is political/economic organizations.)

2. Try to keep at least somewhat to the topic, or fake it good. The topic is quite wide, but does for example not include baseball scores, or the antarctic whale counts; unless that is somehow relevant to illustrate politics, economics, etc. You can ask where this all comes from, but don't expect answers on personal questions.

3. No death threats or unusually rude statements that go on for too long. "I will kill you:" not ok. "You *ssh*le" not nice but might stay on (notice how insulting people reflects on you).

4. Say whatever you want. In general disagreement is more interesting then agreement, so don't hold back - especially if you can keep it elegant.

5. This is a public forum: you are addressing the public. It is however not unlikely that the website owner will engage your arguments with other arguments.

6. If you feel something is extreme, feel free to flag it; perhaps website owner will look into it (don't count on it).

7. If you feel you are censored, that interests me too. Probably undersigned is not doing it (notice that I don't control the Disquss system). Feel free to ask if you think something bad happened.

8. If you happen to agree with the "DAVID" systems proposed here, try to be elegant to those who disagree please; don't make us look bad.

9. Last but not least: no flooding. Flooding is a technique by which malicious actors attempt to make a debate impossible by excessively posting, filling up the screen with gibberish. A heated and endless debate is not flooding.

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