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New World Empire

This appears to be the work of the American Empire, seeking world domination. It is not a bona fide attempt to create a Constitution. The problems with it are so many, it is impossible to list them all in this surprisingly shoddy work. Where is the balance of power ?! The only attempt at re-balancing seems to be to deny the People as much power as can be, without loosing a claim to be "democratic." What is this new priesthood of the "house of councellers" by which the general public is set away from Power right at the start of any debate or initiative by the academic priesthood (about which we all know how they failed the People by now in the dimension of economics). Are we going back to a 3 chamber Parliament: 1% of the ruling oligarchy will be represented by a third of the votes for the feudal war criminals, 1% of the ruling oligarchy will be represented by a third of the votes for the rapacious Catholic church princes, and 98% of the people will be consigned to a minority one third vote ? Is that the theme you are striving for, in one way or the other ? This is not a Constitution that they have created, in which one expects to see a reflection of the care of the people against the power of a lawless Government. That is what Constitutions are for ! Constitutions exist to prevent power grabbing like this so-called world parliament system is attempting. This is a project document detailing the wishes of an Oligarchy that goes to war against humanity, and a radical blueprint of their massive repression system. Undersigned expects a civil war against this project in the long term (decades, centuries). To list a few mistakes:

- It is just too large. It comprises the entire Earth and all of humanity. This is uncontrollable by the population, who will loose control over the State and ruling class.

- There is a dangerous hook in it for "enabling legislation" by which riots and the like will be put down. In their further legislation they have described their police force, which amounts to a military organization (land, sea, air, space) to be governed by the equivalent of a 5 star General (above about half a million "police" men), governing this monstrosity over 1/20th of the Earth and humanity (which is a great Empire in it's own right.)

- They want to supervise all commerce (Article 4 section 14), and in their further legislation they have said that they want to give everyone on Earth a basic guaranteed income. That will destroy the freely negotiated wage incentive to work, and it will destroy the specialized nature of the social safety net (that is there for the minority that needs it). It will then make everyone beholden to the State, who will be employing everyone; the State will then absolutely control every aspect of the economy, by which we are back in the old days of totalitarian Empires such as ancient Egypt.

- Who even heard of this mad clique ? Yet they already legislated major amounts of laws under their Constitution that is not ratified, and they took possession of the world Oceans and the Moon, as well as the stratospheric space above all Nations.

- The implementation strategy seems to amount to bribery: academia who ratify this system get power, and those who don't will not. Is that science, is that objective, or is that ....

- They are way too heavy for the task at hand. There may be a limited need to discuss certain issues like river water quality between neighboring nations, or even air quality between multiple nations. When Nations are neighbors, they can talk to each other, and trade, as free Sovereign entities. This dimension is already covered sufficiently by a system of bilateral and multilateral negotiations, embassies, trade relations between companies, and the ocaisional treaty (which should never have power above the laws in any country, but until so properly ratified by that Nation - in subservience to the will of those people.)

- This system pretends to bring peace, yet it is these very cliques who organize all the major wars in the Earth, and these are the very cliques (American ruling class) who has created the atomic bomb. It would be surprising if the system that developed the a-bomb, the RAND corporation which was part of the US airforce and that began work on these social questions of Empire, is not directly involved in these Imperial systems to create a world Government (as indeed it has been reported by journalists that they are) ! How can you, the worst wormongers and murderes on the Planet, be the ones to bring peace ?

- How can a system of exclusively armed world Government, which will be uniquely corrupt, vicious, tyrannical, horrific and monstrous, create peace ? The large scale abuses this system is going to engage in, is going to create rebellions and civil war to get away from the abusers and create Justice and peace. They know that, which is why they wrote in their Constitution that they will make the necessary repression legislation when the riots start, and this is why they organized the police as an Army Group (!), without direct responsibility to local citizens through appointment of the police chiefs by the local populations.

- You have no task, and you will bring war, and your wars of repression will also bring untold environmental catastrophies.

Please just review their madness, there is too much wrong to even begin to discuss it all ... Get armed and ready, the madmen of world tyranny seem to be around the corner already; because obviously something this massive is not funded out of a few crazy academic paychecks. This is the work of a Plutocracy, the one in power at this time; hence we can expect the worst.

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