Forwarding to, through the AOCS private mint [14 June 2012 shipment in progress]
in the form of 99.99% silver and gold coins. To be received by the Free
Lakota Bank in the form of 99.9% silver coins (1 ounce Crazy Horse):

Silver: 20 ounces 99.9% pure.

This money would be used for a variety of businesses which are to become
profitable, through their general investment fund, as they see fit.

Return on investment:
With this little money I (Jos Boersema) do not think it is feasible to
force contracts on people to the tune that they would democratize. Secondly
the north American Indians are known for their democracy already, supporting
them is in a general sense supporting democracy on all levels, including
businesses. Native American Indians are known for example to run Casino's
as a group, that is democracy already.

It is hard to guess the validity of this investment, but it looks
good.  However the investment is primarily about spreading true
economic doctrine ('the truth') and democracy, a cause which may
already have been achieved. These investments are not about making
profit, or even getting the money back.

I think that I send them my booklet, after getting an error on a Native
Indian website to help them, a site someone on Usenet suggested. In any
case shortly after I got their newsletter, and send them a reply about
my systems. They suggested I open an account, I said I'm rather far away,
they said they'd be happy if I did anyway, and so I did. The next obvious
step was to put the money in the DAVID-fund-1 which was partly in 9 silver
coins to them as a DAVID-fund-1 investment. To that I have added my gold
coins as a bonus; thus donating them in the process to the DAVID-fund-1
efforts (they where originally for personal security as the Euro is
looking like it is crashing -- I hope that the gold/silver will get to
the Lakota people in good order before all hell breaks loose. Dying is
easy with a better conscience ...)

Good luck Lakota People (I hope the bank works; but if not that's the
risk of doing business, no problem.)


This is the first investment on this system. It was made in pure gold
and silver with a Monarch on it, to be converted to silver with Crazy
Horse and a Buffalo on it, and send to the Northern Tribes of Turtle
Island. Beautiful.