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How to distribute political and economic power to all.

This website promotes: non-capitalist, non-communist free trade, while at the same time achieving the best of these and other ideological ideologies (which is surprisingly easy.) ... read more ---->>

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A better Society ?

Emergency short program:
1. Armed people will act and protect others against murder, shielding basic political rights, don't start with a coup.
2. Reform a Government that is a representative, if need be.
3. The soil is distributed as an inalienable birthright to all, help each other get started with life and work.

Much of this website is detailed and potentially requires a lot of study. If time is not existing then you might just go from these 3 points and add your own common sense creativity to it, maybe check back later if you think there might be something useful here. Notice that this short program is meant for a disaster situation where you don't even have time to read this sentence (so in that case, don't). Good luck ;). This site is not generally set up for an emergency, but if you have a political emergency (such as, tyranny or threat thereof, chaos, threat of famine), you might want to look into chapter o-5 or "Phalanx of Freedom" in the manual, and neighboring chapters (o-4, o-6, o-7). Some of the programs here are quite ambitious, it is unknown to what degree people are capable of doing them.

DAVID/9-roads ...

Resulting from presented logical analyses and worked out in detail on this site, this below is the essence of the system. It should be understood as an extreme condensation in simple language of a fully worked out Constitution (from 239 articles plus supporting documentation to just 7):

The principles in these 7 laws come from 4 principles of economic power distribution (distribution of power in: Government, Companies/Businesses, Investment & Land). For ease of reading (laws tend to be difficult to read) it has also been worked out in the form of 50 laws, while the original Constitution made around these 4 principles is a 239 laws large Constitution (comparable in sized to the German Constitution for example, having a fair amount in common with modern Constitutions on the one hand, but having a somewhat altered economic system and a different way to achieve a Government for and by the people.). (Introduction.) Implementing these Constitutions in your nation is a separate subject, for which 9 roads have been engineered (see below). These 9 roads can lead into a new Government, who then can ratify these Constitutions starting from a 3 law one (only forming a Constitutional Assembly to negotiate the future Constitution for the nation whatever it should be), then above mentioned 7, then 50 and then 239 laws Constitution could be adopted (with any changes necessary, or other solutions alltogether). There are also extra-Constitutional recommendations that could be done. Everything else in the nation would remain the same, or is at least not targeted by this program directly.



Absolute democracy; rule by vote in post-startup, 10+ businesses,
free markets; all a part of the land; Constitutional Government;
socialized business credit; no empires; National sovereingty; Equality
under the law. Polities and Economies are not a candy store where
you can pick and choose. You will reap according to the laws that
you sowe.  


*  free book (673 pages, 2016-2017): 'Distribute Power' Contains all above books and some more Feel free to download, print, share, modify & use ...


Jos Boersema
Distribute Power
€31,82 Paperback

Remark: This book is not sold because it might make me any profit, it is only sold because it is another way of spreading the material, and so I can buy it myself and resell it cheaply. Currently I sell this book in person at a loss (€ 10,-, plus CD), just to spread the content and so make it more difficult to destroy, for the cause of Justice and peace. CD is not included if you buy it from the official retailer website, however what is on it can be freely downloaded.

The following is all contained in the book 'Distribute Power' above.

*  free book (191 pages, 2016-2017): 'D.A.V.I.D Constitution Ratification' This book contains the Constitution proposed here from its 1 law form, to 3 laws, 7 laws, 50 laws, 239 laws in 50 blocks with reasoning, and 239 laws with additional amendments. (The 239 laws with comments to each law is already contained in the 1st book.)

*  free book (77 pages, 2011-2017): 'Revolution & Reform - Manual & Law' This field-manual shows you the way how to change your nation through 9 modes of work of increasing strength. It is a short book containing the general plans, the second half contains the proposed Constitution. Please give to the masses if you can (English) ! The main theme is: protection against internal corruption.

*  free book (~441 pages, 2007-2017): 'Constitution Proposal' This book explains you real economics (not capitalist or socialist extremism), and proposes a new Constitution for your nation with a hardcore true democratic Government (English). The main theme is: economic justice by spreading power.


more... (addendum)

This is the site of Jos Boersema. I made all these things and give them to you for nothing, for the cause of Justice and Peace. Do not send me donations, thank you ;-), not necessary. Pay yourself with a better world to live in ?  


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,,As we have seen, pretty well every revolution or attempted revolution in recent times has been overthrown, dissipated or corrupted into something unrecognizable from the aspirations of its founders. One reason for this is that as each revolution reached its peak, the people who made it were faced with a power vacuum. On such occasions, there where plenty of siren voices - come, let us elect a new Parliament, come, let us set up a new Parliament, come, let us unite behind God or Allah and seek his guidance - but very little organization for pushing forward to create out of the revolutionary ferment a new democracy tougher and more durable then the tragically weak and impotent democracies of the past.''
                                Paul Foot in The vote, how it was won and how it was undermined, page 445 2005  



Democratic Authorities Ventures Investments Demarcations: D.A.V.I.D.


  1 principle, 9 methods, 4 goals: 14 parts program ( summary 1 2 )
DAVID system:
                - (o-t) Principle: trade, own what you make.
                - (o-a) Goal: absolutely democratic government
                - (o-v) Goal: companies become democracies unless tiny/startups
                - (o-i) Goal: socialized/nationalized investment
                - (o-d) Goal: individually distributed natural resources (land)
9 roads system:
                - (o-0) Method: debating, (o-0B) single issue coalitions
                - (o-1) Method: buy fair trade.
                - (o-2) Method: organize democratic investment funds
                - (o-3) Method: organize DAVIDist political parties
                - (o-4) Method: erect a new government, constructive revolution
                - (o-5) Method: military defense of free speech & free assembly
                - (o-6) Method: conquest of land for nationhood
                - (o-7) Method: distributed cell resistance against tyranny
                - (o-8) Method: keep the truth in existence
                                 youtubes on this

This system can also be represented in this form:

     The transformation of a dissatisfactory society ...
From open society:                From tyrannical society:
   --->               start              <---
(truth)    o-0(B)                   o-8      (protect truth)
(fair trade)  o-1               o-7         (cell resistance)
(businesses)     o-2         o-6            (army conquest)
(political)         o-3   o-5               (freedom armies)
                       o-4    (constructive revolution)
                       C-3    (Constitutional Assembly, 3 laws)
                       C-7    (Consolidated Constitution, 7 laws)
                       C-50   (Condensed Constitution, 50 laws)
                      C-239   (Constitution in 239 laws)
                      C-240+  (Constitution 240+ laws, partially DIY)
     The start of a DAVID system society ...




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Democratic Authorities Ventures Investments Demarcations
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proposed Council Government system



What is this system ?

The symbols and names of this system and science may set you on the wrong foot if you have any preconceptions. It can both be called socialist (for its nationalized finance and high end democracy), and liberal (for its free trade as the essential principle and its land-distribution, which is also communist/socialist); but you can also call it anti-socialist (for its free market and high end democracy (if you define socialist as dictatorship)), or be called anti-liberal (for its giving labor power and removing "elite" power abuses in the markets). In terms of existing ideological names the most fitting could be market socialism, with the emphasis on market. ... read more ---->>

[turning council]

Historical precedents

For the purpose of convincing the reader that a system like this is hardly folly, but has had strong ~ even grandiose ~ historical precedents, consider the following examples and historical proponants, going far back in time.


"England is not a free people, till the poor that have no land have a free allowance to dig and labour the commons..."
- Gerrard Winstanley, year 1649 CE  


The Torah

Although this website is not religious (it is rational and secular to the topics of economics and Government etc), it so happens that the law of Mozes of Israel has an intruiging economic system. It would be irrational to deny that fact. ... read more ---->>


"Originally proposed by the Menshevik wing of Russian socialism, the [Councils] met the spontaneous demands of workers for mass organization. Within three days it had assembled 226 delegates, chosen on th ebases of one delegate per 500 workers in the factories." ... read more ---->>
        - page 16, The Western Soviets ~ worker councils versus parliament 1915-1920, by Donny Gluckstein (Nov 1985).


The Mir village

See also the Russian Mir or Obshchina system of economics, or perhaps the most read yet ignored book in history: the Torah (laws of Mozes). On this site is also promoted that all should own their equal share of land, for life, for nothing, as an inalienable birthright in perpetuity. The system proposed here is different then other systems because those other systems where not known to undersigned at the time of writing. Land distribution is something different and practically opposite to common land ownership. In land-distribution you can work it together if you want to do so and for as long as you want to do so. Common land ownership and use quickly degenerates into tyranny, denying the individual liberty and probably soon fairness and income. Common land ownership is also unnecessarily stressful on common decision making. Land distribution (1), land ownership markets (2) and common land ownership/use (3) are three different systems of land rights (although combinations of these systems can be practiced). On this website there is always a common-land ownership aspect for infrastructure, parks, wild nature and so on, combined with land-distribution for designated and economically valuable land areas.

Native American Indian

"What is this you call property? It cannot be the earth, for the land is our mother, nourishing all her children, beasts, birds, fish and all men. The woods, the streams, everything on it belongs to everybody and is for the use of all. How can one man say it belongs only to him?" -Massasoit Superficially this may seem to be a contradiction with the Torah use of the word property, but it isn't a contradiction. The key is: the use of all. This land had previously been equally distributed by Jehoshua ben Nun, amongst the farming people that the Israelites where. This is about farm use of the land, for all.

White Rose

"Since the conquest of Poland, 300,000 Jews have been murdered in this country in the most bestial way... The German people slumber on in dull, stupid sleep and encourage the fascist criminals. Each wants to be exonerated of guilt, each one continues on his way with the most placid, calm conscience. But he cannot be exonerated; he is guilty, guilty, guilty!"

- 2nd leaflet of the White Rose.
~ In memory of Sophie Scholl

Now ~ when the children born during the lifetime of ❦ Sophie ❦ are still alive and well conscious of the world ~ fascist slaughtering is again being conducted on the European Continent in the Donbass region, by the western violent and fascist coup in the Ukraine. ... read more ---->>

Proff. R.D. Wolff on democratizing businesses A website about making companies democratic when the starter leaves. They are already doing it (no relation with this website) ! In this speech the Professor explains that it is retiring company owners that come to them, having their company democratized. In the United Kingdom (Brittain), a law might be made by the Labor party, giving the workforce the right to buy their own company with a Government loan, if the company will be loosing it's owners / directors. (Date of this writing: 29 aug 2017.)

To plan, or not to plan ?

Those who are generally known not to like planning, law and order, are the anarchists. Yet what did they learn according to their own publications, in Spain, quote: ... read more ---->>


Here some links to parties/groups who seem to have some commonality with the goals here, to show that these ideas are not weird nor are they unique to this site: ./others.html

He who creates excessive law, creates lawlessness.

Only the right amount of law, is law. Not too much, and neither too little. The naive say to themselves that no law is necessary, until they run in horror from the chaos they created, screaming for help. The naive think only one law is necessary, but how to create a society out of that law they do not know. For the maniacs of power, no amount of law is ever enough, until everyone is so confused that the hands of the tyrants are unbound, and his rage becomes law, changing and churning by the hour. We are living in an era of growing tyranny and lawlessness through excessive law making, which in the end will create lawlessness. The maniacs of power are building their Empires larger then ever, with mountains of law until there is only one law left: the law of absolute fielty to the overlords. Be wise and dilligent when pondering what the laws of your nation should be, take plenty of time and advice from sources far and wide, because there is no graver question then this.

What and who is this ?!

This website is an original source website, it is not drawing these documents from somewhere else. Hence please excuse the simplistic nature of the website itself. Considder this a test: can you identify the truth, even when it comes to you in unassuming clothes ? Or do you only follow blitz and glitz, capable of a 15 second attention span to seek out a new diversion, in which case you may really a Monarchist at heart, wishing to be bedazzled by appearances. Welcome to the truth on economics. Detailed law proposals can be found here. It should be approached as a study at the academic level. This will likely take years to complete, going from topic to topic studying effects and solutions one by one, how they relate to other effects, and so on, and so on. What is currently taught in academia under the heading of 'economics,' does not appear to have an academic thinking level about the fundamental question: what should a good economic system look like. They might know all the details of the given order, but the higher question of what order is a superior order is not fundamentally researched. Still it appears that there is a good chance, that many economists will eventually agree with the system here proposed, because it makes sense, because it truely stimulates dynamic free markets. Because it is so essentially economic. It is not so much about the business dictator and his operation, it is more about the fluid and dynamic network of work and trade.

You could say that this system shifts the understanding of economic freedom away from the ability of one individual to enlarge their power at the cost of others, and towards more restrictions against such enlargement in the attempt to re-balance power between all actors. You could say that freedom to change the powers of people over time by the centralization of wealth (which will probably be favored by some economists as essential), is replaced with the greater freedom of all relative to each other in the economic landscape, in the moment. The powers of the individual are more described, they will vary less both upward and downward. Some may see that as restrictive, others may see that as liberating. it is stabilizing freedom in the long term. The powers of the individual are more described, they will vary less both upward and downward. Some may see that as restrictive, others may see that as liberating. It is stabilizing freedom in the long term. It shifts economic success toward balance in the moment, rather then a race towards the top (which leaves increasingly many people hopelessly in the gutter, powerless.)

It is unlikely that people not capable of independent thinking, most of whom have no idea what thinking even means, will be able to make sense out of this website quickly, or be able or willing to form a serious opinion about these proposals. They will look to others, perhaps you, to explain it to them, or just show them how it is done, as they dartle around the various diversions they fill their lives with. Remember: if nobody shows the masses some truth, not just vagueries or slogans but practical solutions and worthwhile ideals, the liars will take full advantage and drag us all down into the sewer. Who do these liars order the hysterical masses to shoot first: the thinking sector, those who dared raise their voices when the wrongs became too obvious to ignore. Indeed, those who wish to create law and understanding would have been the ones who failed the People, leaving them to belief the lie without rebuke, not having founded their nation on principles of a hardier material, put together in a mure durable way. Do not let that happen in your Nation, if you can prevent it. This website shows how you could do that, to the extend law and reason are capable to these ends. Despite appearances perhaps, initial simplifications presented to quickly communicate the essence, these mechanisms proposed here have been thought through over and over critically, over a period of about 10 years, more or less full time, if not more.

~ 29 May 2015, Jos (Author also of 'sede - secure democracy,' an internationally published computer program that facilitates electronic voting using the Internet. This program is on the list to be included into the GNU/Linux system, once a new maintainer has been found. Undersigned is self-taught programmer (C), of sorts, apparently good enough to write such a program. In other words: perhaps undersigned is not a complete idiot, who fails to be precise, couldn't oversee the concequences of 10 lines of computer code, and hence when writing about economics or democracy should be ignored. Although a Constitution is not easily tested like a computer program is, making a computer program of that size is a comparable task to writing a full Constitution for an innovative economic system, including an implementation manual.

You will ignore the truth on economics at your own peril. Do not leave this task to the majority opinion of experts who give us capitalism or communism, or whatever has been the system within which they operate. Too much is at stake. Greed is overruling critical thinking, nowhere as much as in the area of economics and State democracy, save for perhaps historical revisionism. Once a person falls into poverty thanks to their incorrectly build nation, once the Nation is bowed under the tyranny that comes up through the economic or State system, your other persuits could be taken away from you as the tyrants make you their slave. Therefore: please care ~ if not for others, then for yourselve and the future of your family. If you do not care, who will, and who will care for you ?)


The revolution is made with the software of: Powered by Debian / GNU / Linux

DAVID/9-roads .... because sloganocracy does not work.


Do you care if something is true and right, even if presented
simply, without the tricks that generations of advertizing can
muster, is not coming from one of the worshipped idols of this
society, nor has the backing of those with the money ?

What is a democracy, if only those with the money and
connections may be heard ? That isn't a democracy. That is
a fraud and an Oligarchy, with serfs who don't listen to each
other, but throw away their vote to express their servitude.

Do you want to live in a democracy ? Are you willing to judge
something by what it means, or do you need to ask someone else
first ... ? The focus here is on the content, the correctness
not on appearances. It is meant to work, not meant to deceive.

Making a real democracy with a fair economy will be a farce
with a people who use their freedom to subjugate themselves.
Therefore this hurdle will have to be taken. Perhaps there is not
even one Nation on Earth willing and able. If so, then so be it.