Goal: every creature on Earth is happy. Freedom, equality and brotherhood.

Principle of economics: a trade economy to protect against exploitation by third party force / control.

Solution: a trade economy does only work when power is distributed and kept so distributed. The sound-bite of this system is: "distribute power"... "Wealth Power concentration distribution !"

Implementation of that solution:
- Government for and by the people, not an autocratic, with separation of powers, not totalitarian.
- Group production efforts are ruled by the people in it, not dictatorship.
- Investment credit is socialized, becomes 'common/group wellbeing' motivated.
- Everyone has a perpetual right to its equal value share of the natural resources in the nation.

This general model can be done in endless varieties, forms which will appeal to all shades on the political spectrum, except those who favor tyranny. This model is worked out on this site in the way undersigned would do this, which is an example system, although it is also meant to actually be done and work for who likes it. You will find key elements of all ideologies back in this system, in what undersigned will argue here is their correct place. The elements of this model that you like to do will merge with what you already are doing; you do not need to do it all to have an effect - it is a modular system out of which you can pick what seems enjoyable to you.

Causing these systems to happen: 9 ways are 'social-engineered' as plans that can be done to bring these changes, or useful parts thereof, into being. The rest of this site can be taken to be a detailed description of the above. (The vocabulary on this site is the common language not a jargon; it is "democracy" versus "tyranny" here, a "republic" is a form of "democracy.") On this site you will find economics analyzed and conclusions reached that should make economic systems more fair. The conclusion is that power should fundamentally be distributed between all people, and kept so distributed, while an economy must be allowed to be dynamic with free initiative and bankruptcy. Four main pillars are developed, reflecting the historical threats to the people: feudal tyranny, government tyranny, corporate / capitalist tyranny (fascism.)

These pillars are: 1. an absolutely democratic Constitutional Government will protect the people from bad laws and Government tyranny (democratic authorities D.A.). 2. everyone can start a business and rule it, however when the business is larger then X amount of persons and the starter leaves it, the starter is compensated fairly (following regulations for this), gets a share of future profits, and the company will henceforth be democratically organized by those who work there ( democratic ventures D.V.). 3. Investment credit is most profitable when the profit in a business is largest, profit is what remains after substraction of the costs. In a dictatorial business labor wages are a cost factor, and can be kept away from claiming their share of profit and minimized most effectively by a dictatorial form of company organization. Therefore for profit business investment over time stimulates and grows powerful from dictatorial businesses. To combat this threat company investment credit has to be socialized under the people / Government, but this has to be carefully done to prevent megalomaniacal mistakes with this power (democratic investments D.I.) 4. Everyone must have an equal share of the natural resources, to either use directly or rent out for a fee to whomever one pleases. This prevents land ownership from being concentrated in a few hands, and provides perpetual economic opportunity for all, as well as dignity and opportunity for who is unemployed (democratic demarcations D.D.). These four points, D.A., D.V., D.I., D.D. give this system its name: a D.A.V.I.D. system.

Because these are just principles and not yet a worked out system, on this site is provided a Constitution which works these four points out. Because a Constitution is hard to ratify especially against reactionary ruling cliques, also is provided a plan of building, pressure and struggle to get more and more of this model implemented in the nation, while trying to do the least amount of harm possible. Everything here is argued for rationally, every law and every recommendation stands on argument(s), there is no handwaving or vagueries on this site. This is a science of economics, Constitutional law and Revolution/Reform. This is not a cult, or a club to sing simple socio-economic chants with, or a religion: barebones truth and action program. If you wonder already: we do put the criminals in jail here, whether rich or poor, after due process of law.

As you have noticed: this is long for a soundbite. A revolution and new form of society does not fit in a soundbite, and is not comprehended within a short time of study. It will probably take you weeks or even months to become knowledeable about economics and the details of this proposal. Those with the will to do such may also hopefully show the same will when the call for its implementation is made.

- You want to live democratically with others and work and trade in a not-so-deadly competitive market ?
- You want to deny politicians the right to lie and wage wars against the public will ?
- You just want a stable nation and have the forever seething injustices to be reduced ?
- You want the reactionary cliques to be defeated, so that what is good will not be opposed as much ?
- You want to get away from superstitions and lying or incompetent 'pundits' and the rule of the Money god over everything ?
- You are capable of seeing past some petty prejudices you may have caught over time, to give a proposal a fair chance ?
Then do yourselve a favor and learn how economics really works, and explore these laws and plans for national improvement.