If you are living in a 'dangerous' nation ...

Or soon could be ... ?

There is an anti-revolutionary attack associated with allowing free speech and assembly, even in a hard styled tyranny and one that is planned for the short term and expects to win. By leaving certain elements free political speech and assembly, for a certain defined period and or up to a certain maximum amount of people, at the cut off point all those who have been found associating with a certain `movement, party, ideology, ...' can then be round up and ... "neutralized.".

To combat these strategies, one way is to just after reading this download the archives and read them off-line. By reading them off-line, nobody will know how much you read, thus they will not be able to measure your interest. Secondly you could show the material off-line to others, and that would also be hard to measure. It would also make it much harder to measure the spread of this material; which obfuscates the view of the enemy, which is a good thing since it tends to induce fear.

Thirdly, by having the archives on your computer, the enemy is unable to confidently know where it is; and how it could be destroyed. It is much better to show the material to others off-line then to show them the website, particularly if you are in a `dangerous nation.'

On the other hand, we should proudly read these pages wherever we want to, online and in public, to show we have no fear and we assume our rights. If we hole away, then the enemy has won without even having to fight.

This danger will be proportional to the amount of people 'in' this; if that amount is neglicible the danger is low (not a threat to anyone), if the number is a significant minority the danger is highest (a threat, and more easily attacked), and if it starts to become majorities the danger reduces again (great threat, but no way to attack it anymore).

To my knowledge at the moment there is no crackdown associated with these materials (although it is conceivable certain reactionary groups (such as Governments) are already making lists of people to kill later, or doing so inadvertently because they are logging the Internet traffic for such purposes and can later extract such information from the databases they have build.)

If you see this website, this is your chance to read it and download it. If it all gets destroyed by outside hostiles, don't expect it to ever be put back up again. All that gets destroyed if hostiles delete things and I can not put it back up is lost. Don't expect this website to just stay up or not get attacked. Revolutions are prone to the following: People die, get assassinated, books get destroyed, groups get persecuted, information is wiped out, people get tortured, etc. Even if you tried to implement these changes gradually, which is advocated here until you have large majorities in the population, it is likely that as you choke off the profitability of the ruling classes rent seeking they will eventually move to a counter- revolutionary effort which could be war, civil war, economic collapse, and other tricks they can control. The enemy counter-revolution then forces this to become a revolution, where this otherwise would not occur or occur gradually and fluidly (a soft or velvet revolution). The extend of this revolution could end up being as serious as the change from the feudal system into the capitalist-parliamentary system: fundamental changes in economic ownership and the way Government is formed.

The world is big, you may never be able to recover this website if this is the last time you see it, unless you download key parts of it (or in whole). If you can, please put up mirror sites, to discourage hostiles to attack the information and make such attacks less powerful. You can either let me know of the mirror so I can point to it, or keep it hidden so the ruling gangs also have a harder time finding it.

I do not use cookies or anything like that; if you get cookies from here someone else might be doing it. Your hit on this site does show up on the hits map. If this is a problem for you because you think your ruling classes will use that, then the problem may be that you underestimate what can all be tracked and traced about your Internet surfing. Assume they already know where your IP address has gone. The map showing in public only means that 'we the people,' may also have some idea who visits this site, and not only 'them the ruling gangs.' Use proxy servers and the like to confuse this map, and if you do an extraordinary good job at it, maybe you can confuse the ruling gangs tracking what you surf. Good luck with that though, if I where you I would choose some kind of physical security rather then electronic security that still ends up in you home or easily to you connected Internet access point, or mobile devices that can be connected to you.

/ paranoia.

I also recommend that if you want to set up political parties end the like, that first of all you do not inform this site about it. Secondly you could try to network with other people and start you party without going on the Internet to do it, contact people you know and trust directly. The second you go on the Internet, the reactionary secret services know what you are planning to do, and will perhaps want to be part of it from the start, to curb and destroy it. If they are not there at the start, at least you can make a clean start and make a program and internal statutes without these gangs being there with you without you knowing it. They will come later perhaps, but by then it is harder for them to curb what has been done.