The latest additions/modifications are below in chronological order. Typically these are minor detail additions, but occaisionally it is something of greater interest in this system. The aim is to have a finished system, that does not require any more work.

Unfortunately even in 2016 there still was a relevant addition that needed to be made that significantly increased the practicality of the system (see 8 April 2016). It is difficult to predict how this will further develop, because who knows what their future newest ideas will be ? However one should still regard this system as finished. It is well past version 1.0, albeit still only existing in theoretical form.

Jan 1 2018 MD5 checksums added for book4 files (odt, pdf, sede). Everything is ready and sealed. Whatever does not seem ready, remains undone because it is the job of someone else. That includes things like continuing sede development, proof reading the book for language errors, developing the law in the 240+ version further, to implement the project, etc. Some people seem to think that all such jobs fall to the author. That is a misunderstanding of what this is, as well as an attempt not to shoulder the responsibility for your own society. This is not some scribbles of propaganda, designed to bring the author to power, and hence all the public would have to do is wait to see how far the author can pull it through (read: gets funded by the Money power, to screw everyone over in the end, as usual). Belief what you will, and the future on such topics certainly is unpredictable, a critical attitude is certainly a good thing so long as it does not become cynicism and apathy, but this is as far as it can go from this end. I cannot live your life for you, you have to do that.

Nov 28 2017 A wordpress site '' was added, to record some of the (IMHO) better comments / articles that I might write somewhere on occasion, and to stimulate debate. A forum site '' was also added, for obvious reasons. A fair amount of user input can now be absorbed by the website in various ways, stimulating social activity. Not much of that is expected, since we are in a condition of deep decadence and illusions in this society, but we will see.

Nov 26 2017 Website has a new front page using Wordpress, linking only to what's relevant. The old page (from where this news page for example is accessable) is still there under the button 'Website'. This is the 3rd time the website has a new front page. The previous and first website is also still accessable, through the link more, just below the book information. The reason for the change is that a lot of material does not seem all too relevant and can count as chaff on the floor, while the wordpress system - easily available at the new hosting - makes for a much better looking website at the same time. All old links remain in place, except for the old website root index, now at One problem remains for now: when accessing "", the index page seems incapable of loading automatically the new subdomain page in the 'root' of the browser. The user can break out of the website 'framing' by clicking on the bottom link 'home' on the new page, or to '' at the top of the old page, or to manually adjust the URL to read "".

Nov 23 2017 Added these locally hosted wordpress news pages: * English news
* Nederlands nieuws

Nov 1 2017 Added: prevent civil war

Sep 25 2017 To reduce website cost, some archives have been removed. Book 4 is the main element with the sede program, the rest (turns out) is somewhat like chaff on the floor. Todo: the website '' will also be removed, because it turns out that renaming it doesn't help with Americans.

Aug 18 2017 Finished book 4: free book (673 pages, 2016-2017): 'Distribute Power' Contains all above books and some more Feel free to download, print, share, modify & use ...

Aug 17 2017 Removed some stuff about 'religions' in chapter 't5' about morality, because (as already noted in there) it's just going to offend people, and could also be incorrect on second thought. It just goes a bit too far generally, and isn't needed for the topic (which is economics).

Wed Aug 16 2017 Fixed mistake in Country Council '50' graphics Removed some symbols in 'David Action' chapter (N) in book 1.

2 Aug 2017 Fixed mistake in 2 government graphics, put a link to those graphics on the front page.

17 Juli 2017 Turned images of election system around (m5*.pdf) so that the Government is literally under the voters. Updated book1 .odt + .pdf.

Todo: - Democratic "Assemblies" instead off "Authorities" ? 'Authority' sounds too ... authoritarian (always an original problem, never thought of "Assemblies"). - Check books on Jewish-type symbology, then remove (reason below). - Is citation of the Torah properly updated to no-copyright version ? book1 - Checking materials for the old twice elected Council system 50 person minimum, update to 10 (not strictly necessary, given amendment ?) - Write something about twice elected section housekeeper in ./post/005 ? - Check / write something about existing internal divisions in nations, for use during sudden shift in new system. - Add idea / check: every citizen free small amount of land, such as 100 m². - Complete book 4 assembling: - add articles (mostly in ./post/005) - System of how to govern (procedures for meetings) in book 4 Summary version in English. ... - Wait for economic collapse, nuclear global holocaust. (Just kidding, or ?) - If system still no success in 15 years (2033), go over everything and write a better version (which will probably cut out some chaff, and present things a bit more professionally; it will probably not be changed on content in any detail of it, only superficial changes).

Updated Reform & Revolution manual (book2): 1. Changed the 'Davidist internationale' flag. 2. Changed overall candle holder graphic for tree version (I couldn't care less and like the candle version (prettier), but many people seem to be completely controlled by these symbologies and their secondary associations with it, lol). 3. Added words "red/blue delegates" to the tent graphic of the Government model (called 'tent' by me because it seems that the 2nd tier councils form tents over the nation, which is also what they are). 4. Added the new government graphics of councils (the dots) to the end of the RandR book. Updated PDFs and HTML. Text was slightly altered in 2 locations: near the new tree graphic and below the graphic that shows how people could meet up referring downward to the new graphics.

9 June 2017 Removed certain semi-Jewish symbols, because this is not a religious system and it creates probably too much confusion with the reader that this is meant entirely as an argued and rational economics and a State system, especially because there are so many religious fanatics in the world. Secondly although it was meant to strike a note close to the Torah because that does have the same economic system (fundamentally at least) and thus to give a nod to that, just as it also nods to the movement of socialism and generally the left and labor unions as a defense against the rapacious greed of the Capitalist ruling class which is of course also similar to what is proposed here, it might offend some Jewish people that certain symbols get re-used this way. There isn't a technical necessity for it anyway, it is easy enough to make up another symbol for systemization of this overall proposed system here. In a similar way the name 'socialism' seems confusing to some, who associate it with a centrally planned economy or even have made 'socialism' to mean 'anti-social-ism' of a tiranny, perhaps that name and domain name should be changed. However if the name Socialism is good enough for Michael Parenti, it should be good enough for this, shouldn't it. Secondly as American Fascists start to show their bloodlust against literally "Socialists" even from the USA Congress benches, perhaps it is a good idea to keep the name '' and in that way side with these would be victims of a new round of Naziism around the world. The same can even be said about these Jewish symbols, both where attacked by the Nazis, and indeed the Nazis and their corporate masters who are still in great power in the world in many international mega-corporations are the ruling class that should end up being deposed of their power through this system, making them the most likely opponents of the ideology here proposed. In that sense some Jewish symbology here won't hurt, but draw the criminal enemy of Naziism to this system as well and thereby defending the Jewish people (incidentally these are 'Militia of Freedom' o-5 'road' objectives, to defend people and groups from politically motivated violence). Furthermore there are too many religiously insane people, and it is not good to associate with them by using symbols that they might also use in obscurantist ways (hopefully this website is not obscurantist, although it's probably not easy to study), because it can also lead to a quick rejection of the proposal here, before they even know what this is supposed to be about. It turns out difficult to get past the identity politics of people. It seems they have a screen before themselves, by which they first try to identify the overall identity of something, and only when they already agree with that, will they then perhaps care to look it over. It seems doubtful that there is eventually a solution for that. Somewhere, someone should start to care seriously, and care enough to tell someone else, to have a debate and people just have to care enough about serious arguments.

8 June 2017 Added graphics to PDF and .ODT (in tarball) for book 1 (Constitution Proposal), fixing the mistake that the graphics where still for a 100 person voting group instead of the new 50.

5 June 2017 Added overall system "tree" on front page: graphic

1 June 2017 National Council graphic Appended one more graphic (Electoral Committee)

26 May 2017 National Council graphic Appended one more graphic (500 council)

23 May 2017 National Council graphic Appended one more graphic.

15 May 2017 National Council graphic

4 May 2017 Analyzing the problem of minority vote stuffing in this Council Government system. It is not a fundamental problem because it is not an external authority who can gerimander the voter-groups. The voters remain in control. Also some logic about larger and smaller Further Councils, etc. ./post/005/DA_government/representative-contradiction New versions of Council Government schematics: see here

27 Apr. 2017 The change to allow minimum 10 rather then 50 twice elected Delegates for a Further Council, leads to the possibility of electing multiple Further Council for the same Closest Council, a matter discussed here: ./post/005/DA_government/multiple-further-councils

25 Apr. 2017 Updated 3.1.d-3 in all HTML and PDFs, that is for all 3 books. There may be texts that still refer to the 50 sections minimum for further councils, which needs to still be found and changes.

19 Apr. 2017 _3.1.d-3 Further Government Body Added that a block (or section) of delegates also elects their own housekeeper / administrator, and cut part of the reasoning below that article about ministeries and advice councils (which didn't make a lot of sense, seems to even have conflicted with the structure article to not elect 3 elections removed Governments.) Added one paragraph instead about the housekeeper / twice elected deputy. Important change: Further council blocks/sections of delegates that elect the twice elected delegates proposed in minimum amount 10, rather then minimum 50 as before, because minimum 50 makes these blocks/sections so small that a Council can only collapse its own size once it is at some 150 delegates (section: 3 persons). The new minimum 10 allows a council of 50 to collapse its practical size in a further council with block/section size 5, which should work. It also gives councils more flexibility. post/005/DA_government/FurtherCouncil-MinimumSize Only fixed in the "long" and "short" constitution HTML versions, others soon to be updated.

6 Apr 2017 Minor word fix in 3rd book document two (240+), 3rd and 4th notes on page one; meaning did not change, version not changed. Noticed a mistake in the visualization of the Government: it was still on voter-group sized 100 persons, when this had long been changed to 50. These graphics will be updated to correct and nicer versions.

31 March 2017 Written some remarks, reviewing the whole, noting some spots that I couldn't find anymore that needed a change perhaps (not very serious issues, possibly already addressed), and written a bit of an general outlook on how it would all perhaps work out. post/005/doubts/final_remarks_combibook That still leaves the job of assembling everything in one document, plus a lot of the ./post/005 articles or even all, plus perhaps others, so that as a PDF it can all be easily printed. Written: ./post/005/o-4_revolution/NationalCouncil-initiation"

20 Mar 2017 Source files and PDFs books 1, 2 and 3 ready with changes from 17 Feb 2017 and later. Changed Amendment 19, Nation size split protocol, to initiating it from 50 million to 30 million people. Updated .odt and .pdf files (book 3).

8 Mar 2017 Updated PDF for RandR (not to be confused with certain other acronyms) manual.

7 Mar 2017 Updated RandR HTML manual with changes mentioned on 4 Mar 2017, increased version to 2.6. Not yet any PDFs updated.

4 Mar 2017 Chapter 3, changed law 3.1.c-5 first sentence into: _3.1.c-5 Delegate Compensation From no to reasonable Compensation for once elected Delegates is decided upon by Referendum (see Article 3.1.b, Referendum). Updated: HTML of law short, medium, long, extended, including new 'reasoning' paragraph in long, and paragraph in extended at amendment 13. (It isn't really an amendment, since it is already changed in all versions.) PDFs / books not yet updated. (PDFs / books for alteration done on 14 Feb 2017 continue as not yet updated.)

14 Feb 2017 Chapter 7, added Chapter 9 to possibly releaved articles for a special market, and change word 'uses' to 'owned' in article _9.1.a-5 Resources, resource bank (should have always been 'owned' but was worded perhaps incorrectly.) HTML updated, PDFs / books not yet.

19 Jan 2017 The book PDFs and source files where updated according to entry from 13 Jan. Combination book remains to be assembled & uploaded. The HTML links to the Revolution and Reform where changed to point to directory ./post/005/RandR.

13 Jan 2017 The laws Observe Trial which became International Justice, and Fair trial, where updated in law-short, -medium, -long and -extended (240+), HTML documents. The rest (books, PDFs), remains to be done and should be soon.

11 Jan 2017 Law 'Observe Trial' was scratched and replaced with 'International Justice' in constitution.html (239-long) (provisional version).

10 Jan 2017 Updated .odt and PDF and plan_joshb/democracy-all.html files to reflect sentence referred to on 6 Jan 2017 below; and one graphics file 'workmore.jpg'.

6 Jan 2017 Sentence "Private capitalism is to be gutted though, no compromise with capitalism is possible" finally changed for new combination book to go on as: "on principle as the objective. As a practicality when Sovereignty is lacking then compromises may have to be negotiated for the time being, in the hope of ending the abuses over a longer time, winning more people to that cause." I have thought about this single sentence dozens of time since it was written, through many years, always wanting to change this one sentence in the book. No other sentence has stuck out in my memory. Notice that 'capitalism' does not mean trade here. Capitalism means just that: Capital-ism, the rule by those who own the Capital. It was always meant to mean this: no compromise with capitalism in our own mind, even if it may be necessary to reach temporary compromises with people who do not wish to agree to this objective, during a condition that it is impossible to be removed from those people to start a new Sovereignty. That's all it ever meant. Too often political movements die out when they have reached some sort of half baked objective that cannot stick for long, like more money for a while.

3 Jan 2017 * Fix index error in book 'Constitution Proposal' to reflect that 'Disproving Relativity' was exchanged for 'Revolution & Reform'

5 Dec 2016 Pushed through the change in 3.1.c-5(.1) into book 1, 2 and hopefully all the PDFs, ODTs and HTML documents, together with the change in _3.1.c-1.5 salary of Electoral Committee (which referenced 3.1.c-5).

4 Dec 2016 De two PDF files and .odt sources for book 3 where updated with the new Delegate Salary articles (Compensation) in 3.1.c. Law about Electoral Committee salary had to be changed to be consistent with the new in 3.1.c-5 Delegate Compensation, that it references. (To be honest: I fear that some old versions linger on this website, that may have to be tracked down and altered to reflect the latest changes. However the main HTML especially and PDF documents secondly should all reflect the latest changes (or why don't you do it if you care about your future ?)

2 Nov 2016 Pushed change to Salary law into the HTML Constitutions accessible from the main page under (link 'Goal'), except Reasoning in 239-long.

31 Oct 2016 Simplified the Salary law, Salary This will be updated through all documents and the 239 Constitution, to prevent useless Ratification work on this issue, and unnecessary hostile propaganda opportunities.

28 Oct 2016 - Constitutional law about Deputy Delegates has been pushed into the 239 Constitution, in hopefully all files that contain it. The law was also simplified from the previous Amendment text. - The part in book 1, 17/T mentioned on 28 Sep 2016 was altered accordingly. - Although the 239 version might at some point have a different amount of separately named parts, it will retain this name here.

12 Oct 2016 Amendment 10 has the term-limit changed from 10 out of 20, to 15 out of 20 years; scrapped Amendment 17 text entirely deleted. (Note that these amendments are not meant to stay amendments like in the US Constitution. They should be properly integrated. The amendment text can then be removed, or listed as documentation (reasoning) behind that law.)

28 Sep 2016 In Proof of morality, page 17/T, a hypohteses was forwarded about Adam and Eve in the Torah and the story of the apple. This was meant in the vein of postfixing an unproven hypotheses as a next possible something to think about, to stir the scientific pot a little - as it where. In any case, it should be changed into a new theory: the taking of the apple was theft and the beginning of crime. The logic is that Adam and Eve had been given a chance to learn to respect someone else's property, but they decided not to do it. Morally and naturally humanity then descended into the rapacious war torn world it is today, which has as its essential vice and the vice that governs the major Imperial Governments and other organizations: theft. The injustice of taking from each other without the right to do so, of overstepping the bounds of what can reasonably be allowed for one person to own and reasonably be allowed for their way of acquiring what they own (such as through work or agreed upon trade, and last but not least: through their rights). It can be said that this entire website and work is dedicated to reversing the stealing of this soft-fruit. The source and PDFs have .... not yet ... been updated, sorry.

29 Aug 2016 Arguing the case for a public fiat currency, paired to a law that strictly regulates the size of the overall currency. money-creation_inflation

23 Aug 2016 Some language bug fixes and polishing of: menulaw_intro.html menulaw_help.html choice/slogans.html

16 Aug 2016 ./post/005/o-5_Phalanx-of-Freedom/weapons/compromizes
An article about weapons ownership, containing the usual arguments and some new compromize ideas; to store the privately owned weapons at a police station.

24 Juli 2016 ./post/005/DD_land-distribution/varies-thoughts"
A bit over the top rehash of multiple topics, added for the purpose of how possibly to deal with plots that are build up.

26 Apr 2016 The PDF (and .odt) for 240_plus Constitution was updated with amendment 26. link, link,

Apr 2016 link, Second half in that file: Further Councils can create Jurisdictions for more local Councils, thus combatting the problem of the voter-group whose voters are from all over the place. Also the potential of local Councils to fade, both due to lack of voter participation or indeed Delegate participation, possibly the effect of power grabbing demoralizing some people (not mentioned in file), and the far-flung voter group Jurisdiction problem.

8 Apr 2016 link, adding the first point of 7 April 2016 into the Constitution (later to be more properly integrated and also put into the PDFs etc..)

7 Apr 2016 link, This is to try to pin down a practical / elegant solution to the problem of representation loss of a voter-group at the (more) local level, when their delegate is moving to larger area councils. Example complaint from a voter: "We have nothing to say in our street anymore, because our Delegate is always all over the place in the whole country for the National Council; we have all the honor we could have, but what is most important to us directly here around us is lost to our voice; we don't even have a voice in the local council anymore, let alone a vote." link, some talk on disorganized Delegates.

28 Mar 2016 link, Beware of misbehavior after assassinations of more well known individuals.

14 Dec 2015 Webster Tarpley pointed out in a radio broadcast how the Magna Carta is misunderstood in modern times to be the root of English Justice. Therefore the amendment 24 about Jury Justice had to be renamed to remove mentioning that document, which had not been necessary or prudent in any case. Files 240+ *.odt, *pdf, *.html updated, all should be on the current version at this time.

7 Dec 2015 Added Amendment 25 (Jurisprudence), which was an earlier document link, updated the *.odt and *.pdf files for the 240+ Constitution. Both should be up to date with everything now.

27 Nov 2015 Added:
Emergency short program:
1. Armed people will act and protect others against murder, shielding basic political rights, don't start with a coup.
2. Reform a Government that is a representative, if need be.
3. The soil is distributed as an inalienable birthright to all, help each other get started with life and work.

23 Nov 2015 compromise

19 Okt 2015 gliding-economic-reform-referendums

24 Aug 2015 Simplify basic animal-rights article, additional thoughts/rules for altered interpretation of the Law. link link

19 July 2015 Small Secesion link

10 Juli 2015 Added a directory to post doubts about some parts of this system, and how to possibly deal with these (if you will) sticky points. These tend to be details link On the subject of reviewing past work, there is an element of this system that seems more and more important the more I think about it: land distribution to all. It seems more important then the other two main elements of democratic companies and laws against Plutocracy, because it underlies everything and affects everything, and is a strong right for a person, stronger then any vote in any organization; soil is life itself, soil is the soul of life. It is perhaps no coincidence that so many people lead soulless lives, and that they have no idea what soil means, and even reject their right to soil. All having land also carries a risk, because poeple are often socially awkward - especially in front of large crowds - they are selfish, they are ignorant, they are greedy, in large and worrying percentages. Indeed all problems come from these problems. When all have land, the risk is that it leads to splintering, and then the risk is that they will not care for the public dimension at all. They retreat to their soil, and leave public matters to someone else, they don't care who it is, they don't care what they do, except when it directly impacts their personal greed. Through this danger of carelessness, the ones who get the power have their hands free, and they could then build themselves up to eventually become Kings. If severe splintering of society occurs, this is a danger to watch out for, and to somehow try to bring people together again at least to some degree. A big problem here is the eternal problem of gossip, mean talk behind each others back. It ruins the trust between people, it ruins mass solidarity, and it makes people afraid and atomized; even those doing the gossiping because somewhere they realize that as they gossip, at the same time they are the topic of gossip. Thus the law of the preservation of misery takes effect, and in the end little can be achieved even by the grandest of projects, unless people polish up their personal behavior, which they are loathe to do and is impossible to force on anyone. In another sense, they will then get what they deserve; and the question could be asked: whose fault was it, was the system wrong, or where the people wrong, or both (as it is today).

26 June 2015 Public throne: link

12 June 2015 Voter group representation area mismatch problem: link Zoned Referendum to combat manipulation and increase fairness: link link

27 May 2015 Amendment 'Magna Carta' added link

16 Feb 2015 Simulations:

13 Feb 2015 Updated book 3 part 1 (*.odt, *.pdf).

12 Feb 2015 Finally updated book2 PDF/ODT/TXT with article company maximum size and scratched minimum wage. Like a mucision who has studied on a piece for too long ... Still to do: update book1, update book3 part 1, fix the medium-long comment version missing indexes for the later blocks.

3 Feb 2015 Updated PDF(3) in book3 for minimum-wage removal and company-size addition laws PDF(3) Adjusted linebreaks, to take less space. Corrected titlepage on book3 ("D.A.V.I.D. Constitution Ratification") to not mention number of amendments (because this might change), and removed page numbers from indices in book3 for the same reason.

30 Jan 2015 Here is a 4 page PDF with Minimum-wage law removed, Company maximum size added, and Amendment 17 removed changes. odt pdf The full PDFs still have to be adjusted ... Unfortunately everything worthwhile here needs to be kept on paper, because the insane rulership of the western Empire of crime, treason and insanity is bringing the world to world war and possibly nuke war. If you don't know that, then ... whatever. Nuke war is of course not the end. It is only the end for those who died, and the sterilized areas. For the rest of us, life goes on. It so happens that nuke war generally shortcircuits electronics, and that to maintain electronic information requires infrastructures that may not be in operation. Even a non-nuclear war has the potential to ruin your computer ... if for no other reason then that a bomb was dropped on an electrical station nearby. Most people count on everything staying normal, people who take a minimum of care make sure their lives do not depend on untrustworthy support systems. These materials could be alive in some computer ... the problem is: it migth not be your computer, when you need this stuff. I know I would need it at least, because even when i wrote it all, I couldn't write it again, or fast enough when it was needed.

14 Jan 2015 Company maximum law, moved from the slot 6.4.a-1 into 6.5.a-3, under anti-Monopoly, where it belongs. Updated these html files: law.html law-medium.html constitution.html law-extended.html Note: there are now stale versions of the Constitution at various places on this website.

11 Jan 2015 Adding company-maximum law to all versions of 239 Constitution link link Adding this law in place of the minimum-wage law: 6.4.a-1 Maximum Company Size

9 Jan 2015 Minimum wage law scratched Amendment 23 A law that was already in heavy doubt for years, finally decided to propose to scratch it entirely, rather then beat around the bushes with tenuous re-interpretations. Sat Aug 24 15:41:59 UTC 2013: ./post/005/DV_coops/minimum_wage Alex Jones talks with Peter Schiff (...). Here the arguments are made against minimum wage. Arguments that undersigned disagrees with, because they belief in "Capitalism" and raging market in everything, including land. This does not work and hence labor has to be protected until the next round of centralization leads to war, collapse and Revolution that resets the system. Unfortunately the protections for labor are in their own right a form of centralization of power. Nevertheless, the arguments against minimum wage caused another (third) rethink on this minimum-wage law within this DAVID system, a law which was already marked as being probably wrong and should be taken out more then a year ago. Within a power-distribution system, the arguments of the aforementioned gentlemen are valid. They however make the mistake in thinking that we are already in this idealized/perfected free market where people have a real chance. I decided not to name them explicitly in the Constitution text, because that is a bit heavy handed, and becausue these are also generally known arguments. They are however named here, and can take credit for taking this law out of this proposal. Now that this law is scratched, the Constitution feels cleaner and more elegant. I should have scratched it already (but I am a bit lazy at times ~ or call it chronic pain & fatique ~ and try to get by with minimum effort). (The PDFs are not yet updated, maybe you can do it !)

Single issue coalition Statute example coalitions/info.html coalitions/statuut_concept_x.odt

Retracted Amendment 17. link The chances for abuse seem greater then anything it migth solve. It might solve nothing at all, but on the contrary create a risk and create crimes.

Articles (this date: 4 Dec 2014). [Dutch] Elkaar bestrijdende sociaal-economische ideologieën
Nog wat extra geleuter voor degenen voor wie het nog niet langdradig genoeg was.

Articles (this date: 19 Okt 2014). western_soviets.html
A book recalling history that inspired in part the system of Government, obviously deserves to be mentioned on this website. ./post/005/o-4_revolution/Oversized-Empires.txt
This was probably already mentioned before (military alliance for Empires that become smaller due to the proposed system, if it where to be implemented), but not sure.

Articles (this date: 18 Okt 2014).

Adding some predictable babbles about Embassies.

Articles (this date: 16 Okt 2014).

A model of transition for land ownership, where the farmer / land-user gets the initiative to choose when to transition what land and to what distributive owner. (This was not among the mentioned possibilities yet, but not sure.)

Articles (this date: 31 Okt 2014). Some more introductiory babbles where added. Unfortunately it is difficult to get through to people, because before one has said half a word, they have decided that everything is a lie and that the beer bottle is a better source of wisdom. How to break through this, is well known to the banking establishment with their lying propaganda every hour of the day every day of the year. Real people do not have enough loot to create such professional mass delusions. Only those with determination will find the truth, only who will search and not give up will find. The rest will live their lives in the Big Lie.


Articles (this date: 31 Okt 2014). Amendment 22 ~ Referendum Representative Weighted (reducing power of Representatives in Referendum, to equal their mandate by voter turnout.) PDF: ./choice/law-extended.html

Articles (this date: 23 Okt 2014). Svenska The 7 law Constitution was translated by Foxy to Swedish, when undersigned asked her if she liked to do it. A Swedish Fox out of it's own habitat .... a good sign indeed.

Articles (this date: 17 Okt 2014). Unexpected Review received on the Einstein disproof paper. (Personal note: Elegant how this brings the works on this website full circle, after finishing the 3rd book at which point more work on the Constitutions & Revolution system seems not only unnecessary, but a measure of not being interested in the economics and Constitutional issue seems to have set in. Like playing a musical piece too often, it can be beautiful, but one can get tired of it nevertheless. The sense the 3 books give me upon completion and seeing them side by side in printed form: it is a clear plan (in Dutch: duidelijk). Another funny thing: the 3rd book was printed on paper and handed to me in a box of that paper with the name discovery on it: discovery paper. Will the masses perhaps discover the systems provided here ? Hopefully. The efforts here presented on this website started with the issue of Einstein. After that the computer program sede was build. After this came the economics, Constitution and Revolution works, with in between a few other items. Hopefully nothing more will be necessary. It is all quite tiring work. Thank you for your interest. Please back it up if you like it ~ we all know how gangster-elites react to the prospect of Revolution & Justice.) jos

Articles (this date: 10 Okt 2014). Amendment 21 ~ No Fake War (sending pro-war Delegates to the front) PDF: ./choice/240plus_Constitution.pdf

Articles (this date: 28 Sep 2014). Amendment 20 PDF: ./choice/240plus_Constitution.pdf

Articles (this date: 23 Sep 2014). All Constitutions in PDF form. PDF: ./choice/all_Constitutions.pdf PDF: ./choice/240plus_Constitution.pdf

Articles (this date: 3 Sep 2014). Two amendments for the 240+ model: 18 * Country Council Restrictions (Chapter 3) 19 * Nation Size Protocol (Chapter 1)

Articles (this date: 31 Aug 2014). Last additions to law-extended.html: Sun Aug 31 12:08:56 UTC 2014 Amendment 17, Death Penalty ---------------------------- Fri Aug 29 21:12:37 UTC 2014 Amendment 16, separate police and judges ---------------------------- Fri Aug 29 02:46:24 UTC 2014 Amendment 15, no suspension ---------------------------- First article in the Common Militia was textually improved (it was garbled.)

Articles (this date: 27 Aug 2014). A page added that about different systems for future organization of nations / economies, that have been worked out in great detail, that generally do not line up with the plan proposed here. To allow these proponents to argue their own case, the criticism is in the form of a comment in a comment area. ./discussions/alternatives.html Often to look at what a system (such as this here proposed system) prefers to point to in disagreement, is a good way to find out what it is about, and where it fits into the spectrum of ideologies.

Articles (this date: 23 Aug 2014). Constitution: Armed People 2 arms length becomes: 15 distances at 100 distances, wider & clearer.
Constitution: Armed People: limit Defined how criminals may be denied owning weapons, to prevent that to become an exploited legal gap, used against the general public to deny them their rights to own weapons as well.

Articles (this date: 20 Aug 2014). Disquss comment engine added.

Articles (this date: 10 Aug 2014). to extended version (240+ laws), In the bottom section with the ammendments is added several new laws: restrictions on the Emissaries of the Sovereign Inspector, initiation of the Country Council by a Law Court, an advice council for larger businesses of senior employees, term and age limits on Delegates.

Articles (this date: 7 Aug 2014). 7.1.a-2 Special Markets, establishment 7.1.a-3 Special Markets, limit

Articles (this date: 5 Aug 2014).
Loose coalitions Under method o-0 (page 2) is added:
Coalitions (o-0B): Single issue loose coalitions can be formed. 
(This is the most significant improvement to this system since the shorter constitutions (50, 7, 3 laws) where added in 2012. It could prove to be an essential component in the system, bridging the gap from a debate to a political party.)

Articles (this date: 4 Aug 2014).
Davidism drawing A drawing about this system, in analogy to similar drawings that exist about socialism and capitalism (etc), with 2 figures pointing guns to each others heads and with money in their hand.

Articles (this date: 17 Juni 2014).
heavenly-constitution.png Sortof a Constitution for 5 people Sovereign village (no economic system described).

Articles (this date: 16 Juni 2014).
DD_land-distribution/valuation-of-land Possible solution to value land that's been altered by the user, but returns to the public resource bank.

Articles (this date: 7 May 2014).
Dutch Constitution problems. Subversion by the State: overthrow of rule of law, etc.

Articles (this date: 27 April 2014).
./law-extended.html Working on some added laws; if you have an opinion about it, feel free to share ;). I do listen you know, but if nobody talks then there is nobody to listen to, and then i'm going to write down whatever I feel like. But you better have good reasons to convince me of anything ;).

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Articles (this date: 9 Sep 2013). closest_council_mandate residential no_to_terrorism.html (part about U.N.)

Articles (this date: 6 Sep 2013). government_debt

Articles (this date: 2 Sep 2013). voting_advice no_to_terrorism.html disclaimer.html

Articles (this date: 27 Aug 2013). CDS-Constitution

Articles (this date: 19 Juli 2013). provincial_borders
werkloosheid (Nederlands, Dutch)

Articles (this date: 30 May 2013). debt-cancel_bankruptcy-law-practice.txt

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Article (this date: 28 April 2013). Added: how-it-all-went-wrong Economy and Government since the last iceage: what should have occured naturally, why that went wrong, how that wrong was countered in our centuries but insufficiently, future chances.

Improvements (this date: 6 januari 2013). Added: ./post/005/o-5_Phalanx-of-Freedom/principles/unarmed-strategy An unarmed defensive Phalanx of Freedom strategy.

Improvements (this date: 22 december 2012).

Improvements (this date: 10 december 2012). Added a FAQ:, and added some changed symbols.

Improvements (this date: 5 december 2012). The PDFs (Constitution Proposal,Revolution and Reform) have been updated (see the version number 2.2); everything should now be possible to be fed through a printer (mainly a number of Constitutional laws where mildly changed.)

This work should be considered finished. This is the program and legal system proposed here. That does not mean it is perfect (what is perfect?), beyond any change later or (more importantly) subject to your own ideas, improvements, preferences (please enjoy your creativity, that is all that this is as well.) Experience of revolution and life with or even 'under' this program (as law) may yield more information about its effectiveness. As a pre-action methodology and set of goals: it is done. Keep in mind it is a system made up of dozens of 'solutions' (some old, some older, some perhaps a bit innovative in how it's put together). If you like one but not another idea, don't let that stop you from using what you do like and throwing in the bin what you don't like. Good luck, what happens is up to you. Don't expect any results if you don't work for them. Good bye, jos.
See also: Afterword. P.S. The changes referenced below have been updated throughout the site now.

Improvements (this date: 10 april 2012). * Besides a 239 articles long Constitution there is now - a 50 articles long version (12 times shorter) - a 7 articles long version - a 3 articles long version * To the systemization of the "9 roads" has been added a Constitutional ratification proceding from the 3 laws (which formalizes the revolutionary Government without adressing the economy or other issues), to the 7 laws (which adds the key elements of a corrected trade economy), to the 50 laws (which are a condensation of the 239 laws large Constitution), to the 239 laws large Constitution. * The 239 laws Constitution has been improved in 3 locations. - The supreme court (named "law court" in this system) judges must be approved by two concequtive Governments (country councils, there is a general election in this system also, every 5 years.) - It is outlawed that the voter-group "housekeeper" can also be its delegate (which was never the intention, this oversight has been corrected.) - The definition of a free market (6.1.a) has been made better. These changes represent a serious improvement over the earlier work, because progressing from smaller to larger Constitutions will work far better and is more democratic. The changes to the Constitution are only minor changes/clarifications. Note: at this moment the SL book "Revolution & Reform - manual & law" does not yet carry these improvements, neither does Kirjaboek, but they are in this PDF: and here: Look at the part after chapter on "o-8," and before the 239 Constitution. See also: The whole website is not updated yet, there are older versions in other formats. Those versions aren't wrong, but they are less good. Thanks you for your interest, Jos Boersema, Groningen, the Netherlands