- (o-2) Method: organize progressive investment funds

Setting up a fund, controlling who runs it through a somewhat functional (at least) system of control by the members, put money together and invest it in new businesses. The condition is: the company will be given to the employees, in exchange for a share of future profits (to be exactly determined how much and so on in the contract) and/or an immediate sum reflecting the value of the business (insert computation method here). The business will also never be sold to anyone without this contract being known and accepted by the new owner.

If the business does not comply, and we can not with through courts, then it is time to engage in economic and trade repression against them. So that means alerting buyers they are buying in a traitor-shop, a contract breaker, and to set up a killer competitor nearby until mentioned shop is dead. It will be well worth it to make that really happen because then other businesses will get the warning that we don't play nice with traitors, and won't be taken advantage off. Contract is contract. In exchange our percentage on the investment can be low (it is still a loan on interest, ideally on collateral of course).

Example: we invested, but the business went bust, ai, we lost a lot of money. Shit happens, better luck next time and what can we learn.

Example 2: a business is forced to democracize because 40 years in the past they made a contract with the 'Labor Liberation Liquidity - LLL' in the area. Grudgingly the owner complies, but he gets away with so much cash in hand that he changes its mind and is suddenly a great PR asset ...

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