- (o-3) Method: organize progressive political parties

Obviously we need to take full advantage of any sort of voting system. For this here is the scheme: we organize in the order of 10 minority parties, who each engage in the whole Constitution internally to the degree possible. So that means the members are organized in the voter groups and councils system, that system runs this group. However it is not a sovereign group. We then engage in the election, and the councils appoint persons to run in these elections. In a winner-takes-all system we may have to organize in a larger front, but try to maintain the organizational independence of all these parties as much as possible. Each party can also have their own flavors to appeal to some demography.

Example: although there aren't presently elections, the DAVID sister party in such and such uses its organizational muscle to engage in political and economic activities to further the goal of a just system ....

Example 2: coalition of 6 of the 12 DAVID sister parties win 25% of the seats in a neo-Greek styled democracy ('parliament'), and they manage to push for the adoption of the Referendum law, which is then immediately used by the people of that nation to vote their armies home.

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