- (o-4) Method: erect a new government, constructive revolution

This erects the new voter-group Government all throughout the nation. It can be done by slowly more and more voter-groups sending in delegates (ideal), or in a sudden mass activity (a lot harder, but also attempted to script it to some degree to make it have more chances of happening). The voter-groups assemble, the delegates get together, and once we have significantly more votes then any other Government system in the nation has we can rightly and honorable call the new system the new Government. When it is still smaller, it should behave as a non-Sovereign advice system, without the existing Government needing to listen to it; but this may give it some practice. It is important to keep going, because the existing Government will magically be on their best behavior once they see this threat, but that is not to the credit of the old Government, but already the new system casting its shadow.

Example: after total natural disaster and social disintegration, this system turned out to work because it works without central control.

Example 2: you just voted your previous delegate out because he was caught lying, in 4 days you had a new one in, and that felt rather ok.

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