- (o-7) Method: distributed cell resistance against tyranny

This system uses groups of maximum 5, who do not intergrate into a larger front at all but all act independently. They only allow a new member if all agree, they always have pretence reasons to be where they are and do what they do. They talk in code with each other, but are mindfull not to talk in code when the code word meaning can be easily guessed from the context. Their activities are not defined here. These measures should make it fairly hard for a state repression to find them all easily.

Example: a group of 5 hides a political opponent of the Government, who had to go into hiding.

Example 2: a group of 5 assassinates death squad members, and guards of prison complexes where the Government holds political prisoners, and the like - an anti-death squad death squad yu could say. They also target other members of the opressive class for death. Yes this is very serious business, that's what tyranny is all about: debate has broken down and it is simply one brute force against another, may the good people win and the evil people die. Got no stomach for it ? Who has ! It's horrible, but what else is there.

Link: o-7
Link: law4.org/post/005/o-7_distributed-cells