- (o-8) Method: keep the truth in existence

When you can't trust anyone, perhaps you can still trust yourselve: keep important materials hidden (for example these materials on this site, since it contains a full revolutoinary and post-revolution stabilization package of plans and laws), ... for that glorious day when the evil bastards go down for some reason - perhaps a natural disaster, a big war, who knows what .... Ambush the whole nation by yourselve with the materials you got.

Example: Someone gets 'revolution and reform - manual and law' and hides it somewhere. Simple as that. 40 years later his children find it, and it makes its way into the political underground which has grown up slowly during those long years of tyranny ...

Example 2: the state goes almost crazy in trying to find these materials, but they know they can't get it all. haha

Link: o-8