- (o-d) Goal: individually distributed natural resources (land)

Land ownership is power, and it is also a great thing to have and enjoy. One becomes a human, feels strong and great - it is wonderful to own land. It puts power in the hands of everyone; and you can engage in productive activities on that land without having to worry about renting space which puts you on a back leg in the markets already even though you have done nothing yet.

In this system everyone gets a right to a share of land of equal economic value (which can not be determined exactly, but one can try to get close). You can rent out your land, or swap it and even swap it for a price; but you can not sell your land-ownership-right, or to say it differently you can not sell your land. There is a system of laws that tries to balance the power between the land-user and the land-owner in case of land-rent (chapter 9 of the Constitution).

Example: you get a land-right ! Go check out your land ! Make a garden, have a BBQ on it, have fun.

Example 2: you don't want to use land, so you rent it out in exchange for 10% of the proceeds of the crop-yield plus a yearly fixed sum; and with that you have exchanged your land-economic-platform into a modest money platform that you can use to fund further economic activities.