- (o-v) Goal: companies become democracies unless tiny/startups

A business is in a sense a mini-nation or tribe, when it is ruled by an autocrat who escapes the control of the people (employees, labor), they will try to engage in the familiar abuses that monarchs try to engage in. But there is one problem: the business starter can rightly call the business the product of its own hand, and should have that reflected in his rights and profits. Secondly business starters are a useful attribute in society, because in reality many people are probably not capable of it or willing to do the work for it.

In this system the problem is solved by allowing a starter tyrannical power over the business (that is: the owner/boss can not be removed by the employees at whim). If the company remains small (less then 10 employees for full time), the owner can sell the company to another boss who will get the same rights as he has - the small business is in a perpetual state of startup and its current boss-owner is always the starter. But if the business becomes larger the employees take it over in exachnge for fair compensation and a share of future profits for the previous boss-owner-starter. Since this is a forced handover by law, the price is determined by law. To protect malicious practices to get from under this rule by the owner-boss-starter, outright destructive business practices and firing of employees (and such, see 6.3.a-1) can no longer be engaged in once there are 7 or more full time employees without the consent of the employees (think of firing all 300 employees except 9, then selling the business and re-hiring all 300 back the next day, to get out from under the rules).

Example: someone starts a business, hires 25 people and lives happily ever after getting rich (up to the 30 times average in the nation).

Example 2: a 200 person business was handed over to the employees, who organized themselves as a company ruled by a powerful person, and they go to the general labor market to find someone qualified for that, in exchange for a monthly wage.