Tuesday juli 10 17:17:00 UTC 2008
Voorstellen: ... (Only in Dutch.)

Tue Mar 11 17:55:47 UTC 2008
Attempt at defining the position of DAVID-WE relative to other movements / groups: chart.en.html This might be useful for people with a relative way of thinking to get a quick idea of the position of DAVID.

Sat March 8 09:44:42 UTC 2008:
Founding decision:

Democratic Authorities Ventures Investments Demarcations party for Law and Ecology, DAVID-WE. All decisions unanymously agreed. Number of people present: 1.




Party program, strategy, decision mechanism, logo: created. Website installed. Jos has offered to do web design and has offered web space. Searching for someone who wants to operate the voting mechanism.



Point of strategy: can people be member of DAVID-WE and another political party, or should membership be exclusive, or is membership of sister parties or similar parties acceptable and if yes which ones.

Decision made that membership is exclusive, conforming to the practices of other political parties, despite the risk to have fewer members. Decision accepted with 1 against 0 votes. It was noted that for decisions the mechanisms of www.socialism.nl/law are in force given that it is the party program, meaning decisions have an exactly defined power (see Referendum laws), and decisions can be recalled through the there defined principles (3.1.b-7.1).

Next meeting: when necessary, call follows.

All and potential other points to decide at next meeting:
# Point of order: what should the contact address be for DAVID-WE.
# Point of order: who organizes the membership administration.
# Point of strategy: will there be a passive or active membership recruitment policy.
# Proposal/question (Jos B.): what are we ourselves going to do with the proposed law giving (try it out for ourselves, as a practice, permanent party structure, further ?).
# Point of order: will there be a periodic communication vehicle, and if so who will set it up ?
# Proposal/question (Jos B.): membership fees 0,- Euro, everything always gratis or voluntary donation, minimize everything that costs money ? Then potential money can possibly be given to charities and/or a social investment fund strategy, such as www.socialism.nl/fund/een (not that fund, but new to start under someone else's control.)