Thu Feb 25 08:52:35 UTC 2010

DAVIDWE joins the hand of peace extended by the Mohawk Nation

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DAVIDWE stands besides the sovereignty of the Mohawk nation. Where possible Holland should divert money to extend the sizes of the Mohawk territories wherever possible, to give the Mohawk Nation extensive money to buy land and then release it into their sovereignty.

New aide projects to other nations would not be started up until we have been able to stand by the Mohawk Nation as a good brother.

Holland has a special obligation and friendship with the Mohawk Nation: we made a treaty with the Mohawk, and then Holland broke the treaty. The Mohawk territory is in the area of New York, which was once called New Amsterdam. We had no right to take that territory and no right to sell it. We now have the obligation to buy it back, or even to take it back, and return it to those who are its stewards. It is irrelevant to the principles that there is now a large city, although that fact is relevant to the policies we can make happen. We will not buy the land ourselves, but pay the bills that the Mohawk nation council of traditional Haudenosaunee Confederacy recognized Chiefs make in buying land.

This policy will go on forever and ever, or until the clan mothers of the Mohawk nation ask us to stop. This policy requires a yearly budget, there is (obviously) a maximum of soil we can buy per year. We hope prices do not get artificially inflated (excessively) by those who (pretend to) own it.

If the Mohawk Nation decides to hold territory by force, decided by the Haudenosaunee Confederate traditional Council of Chiefs, we may or may not come in to assist depending on the situation, and depending on the potential for success of any campaign of military or humanitarian relief. We have to decide the situation then, we can not make any promises on that, the future is too uncertain to know what the situation may be.

In time the treaty with the Mohawk should be re-established between Holland and the Mohawk, and sealed with a golden chain, a metal that will never rust. We in our boat, and the Mohawk in their boat, forever at peace. We must find the old silver chain again, polish it to a high gloss, and then thickly gold plate it. It will never rust again. We also understand the Wampum language, of course.

What we do not want to do is push our ways unto the Mohawk people, or support Americanized Mohawk to the detriment of the traditional clan mothers, faith keepers and Chiefs. Therefore our proposal to assist the Mohawk Nation has to be ratified according to the Haudenosaunee law first, and that may mean the vast majority of the Mohawk people have to agree with it, and all the traditional Mohawk and elders have to agree with it. Otherwise the effort may constitute a dangerous negative influence. Therefore the money can only be used to buy land and nothing else. There is nothing better for a nation then to raise itself up by its own hand.

We say on behalf of the Dutch people, who love the Native Indians of North America, that we are sorry. It was us that had the same enemy as you, namely our evil bosses who exploited and abused us in our own lands like we where less then cattle, which they thought they had a right to abuse. But it was our task to overthrow them, at that time we had not yet succeeded and currently we still haven't succeeded. There is no unity in the Dutch people, there is several fighting classes (essentially: capitalist/money/bosses-of-industry and labor). As such we aren't responsible for the evil deeds of our own worst enemies. However, if we are in the position to heal damage then we would like to pursue the opportunity.