D.A.V.I.D. party for LAW en ECOLOGY: Position

DAVID-WE Torah of Moshe Rabbeinu Karl Marxists (Communist: Marxist) social democrats / mid left Adam Smithists / right (bourgeoisie)
companies worker owned yes *1 ... *1 yes *1 (yes(/no)) *1 yes/no *1
free-trade in products/services yes yes no (yes) yes *2
free-trade in capital no *2 no *2 no ((no/)yes) *2 yes *3
free-trade in land/resources no *3 no *3 no *2 (((yes))) yes
Detailed laws: yes yes no (no) no
Simplification of economic model trade effort, distribute power trade effort, not power democratic power, no trade trade everything, but disperse monopolies
*1 When starter leaves and larger then 10, or started as democracy (companies in a free-trade system, not like Marxism.) *1 No official position for or against, but slaves freed, laws passed to increase power of slaves, laws against slavery (3500 years ago). *1 Companies would become part of national plan-economy, no free trade. *1 The mid-left generally have no fundamental ideas about economic structure, they tend to be a tactical platforms to achieve immediate and therefore short-term improvements. Hence parenthesized to identify the lack of position. *1 In practice: no. A worker-owned company is not a great threat, can be sunk using capital investments when needed.
*2 Only when a socially useful side-effect occurs, for profit speculation prohibited. *2 Do not lend on interest (for profit), lend readily. *2 Collectives, part of nationalized plan-economy (direct state democratic control of everything). *2 Favored nationalization like Marxists and DAVID once, now seem to have lost that one bit of fundamental theory that they had.
*3 Ongoing distribution system (see chapter 9). *3 Dividing the land by lottery, ownership reverts in the 50th year, only selling permamently in cities: looks like land distribution. *3 Unless banks threaten to go bankrupt and are part of the club, then they can get a subsidy.

When looking at this table some things are apparent:
- The Marxist model is the reverse of the bourgeoisie model: bourgeoisie trades everything, Marxists nothing.
- There are few models in the table (3).
- The DAVID-WE and Torah model are essentially the same, though not exactly the same. Yet they were developed 3500 years apart, and the DAVID-WE is not derived from the existing Torah model.
- The moderate left doesn't have a fixed position. (Note that Joop den Uyl targeted a DAVID system..)