D.A.V.I.D. party for LAW en ECOLOGY: forum

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Proposed platform: using (unmoderated) Usenet. Idea: find a little/not used group, later we could vote for our own group(s). Begin subjects with DAVID-WE: . Benefits: no cost, no work, no censorship, generally accessible, transparency (sort of an ongoing electronic public meeting: join in and say what you have to say when you have the time, think as long as you like). In case of too much spam a moderated group could also be started. Posting can be anonymous on Usenet. A beautiful way to have discussions with anyone.

Drawbacks: the verbal abuse on Usenet ... (Tip: ignore verbal abuse 100%; the abuse is not nice but it means nothing.)

Searching for a little used group ... nntp://nl.misc

Google Usenet archives link: Advanced Groups Search

Internet relay Chat: irc.freenode.net #david-sys (policy & location)