Thu Mar 4 22:57:44 UTC 2010

D.A.V.I.D.W.E membership closed

I have decided it is better not to be closely associated with a working political party, because this may lead to the impression that I rule it, boss it, or am sanctioning what it is deciding, all of which would be untrue. Because people have not decided so far to want to become members, I have to conclude people are amateurs and don't know. They don't know when to be hard, they don't know when to be soft, when to bite through and tear off, burn down and kill, or when to yield and support or say nothing. If they knew they would have supported this already. I don't want to stand guard over amateurs every second of the day, worrying what smear their actions will put over my name. Secondly because they don't know, they may feel a sense of power being in this as opposed to any other party, which is neither good. Because of the amateurism I'd either be forced to stand guard over everything they do, or get the blame for their mistakes when I leave the party to be run by its own rules, which is fully by the members, which is the way it should be. The way to achieve that is have others start their own parties, then the more they'll rule them themselves. This would be the rule in all but one nation anyway.

Therefore it is much better that people start up their own DAVID sister parties, D.A.V.I.D.W.E. will still be able to be a sort of template party. I could still make proposals to DAVIDWE about issues that come up with parties or politics etc, to issue them for the shell party DAVIDWE would be elegant as well.

This means nobody can become a member of D.A.V.I.D.W.E., a Dutch DAVID-system sister party founded in Groningen by J.Boersema (as opposed to any other such named parties, who might try to use the name without being the same organization (which I don't recommend.))

Planning to end putting out material

I think it is better I stop making recommendations on all issues, because enough has been said. Secondly I'd like multiple mirror sites on several continents, because it may get too dangerous, I'd be too much of the leader or say inspirator of all this stuff. If I go on making more and more recommendations I'll turn into a boss over it all, or be seen as such, which is contraproductive and dangerous, strategically unsound.

So this means you are on your own, you have to make due with this, which shouldn't be any trouble.

Don't ask me for help, ask yourselves, ask someone else. I want the perspective from the outside, which is what almost all people have. It is the best perspective to judge how things are going, isn't it. There isn't even supposed to be a closed door inside track. Good luck, make sure you know what you are doing, or else it might come back to bite your face off, wipe your family out. That goes for doing nothing as it does for doing everything. Show discipline and dedication if you want to succeed, and always go for the principle, never trade principle for strategy, or strategy for tactic, but play for the loooong term, the infinite term. Take the set-backs and don't game them sacrificing principle for a days profit, then you should be able to come out on top in the end. Don't gather power for yourselve, not even for the cause of justice, but make sure you can go to sleep every day knowing you did the right thing. Don't worry about this days profit in Justice, but worry about next century its profit, if you do last century took care of you today, long term planning is always superior to the short term.