The other file read-me.html has a policy for a party-listing. However, I do not want this site ( or any other site I have, to be a factor in how these things develop. Therefore I'll list not one party or any organization whatsoever. This site would strictly and only hold objective abstract policy ideas that I think might work and nothing else, no operational issues of any one else.

Also, to re-iterate: please do not contact me with your operational issues as a request to get guidance, you have to guide yourselves. Only things that are interesting are about laws and protocols, objective issues divorced from any particular real world issue. NEVER contact me with any strategic/secret information, whatsoever, or send me any information that you wouldn't like to see posted on the front pages of all newspapers. You might as well consider me dead, perpetually out of reach, never responding, never doing anything useful for you, your organization, the problems in your nation, etc etc etc. You are on your own. That is the essential strategy: figure it out, run a minority organization as a pack of many, pursue unified revolution according the constitutional law if you all want to, that's it. It is all up to you. If you want lists of political efforts: make them yourselves. All I'm doing is make some strategies which may work, such as: take care with who attempt to unify it all in a totalitarian way and exclusive way, who want to 'speak for everyone,' but in fact gather in power for themselves. Unions of unions, federations, festivals, coordination committees, unified advisory boards, singular speaking person for all organizations ... Standing alone as an individual means almost no power, standing with many is better, but unifying everyone of a certain will in a nation causes loss of diversity and leads to power abuses and being easily manipulated by outside forces. Try to find the sweet spot between these two extremes: organize with many, but not with too many, to gain the advantage of union and the advantage of disunion (inside each nation). If you don't manage this, if you don't take care of sufficient union and eventually especially sufficient disunion, the top powers (of your organizations!) will likely succeed in corrupting eventually even the ideas, while they already rule the main strategy presumably toward failure in pursuit of even more power (inside or outside your organizations). Lust for power drives the most dangerous top power people, if you surrender your organizations to very few top positions you are likely to see them get owned by the wrong people, who can never principally go for the presented laws and systems because they represent power distribution rather then concentration, they go against their instincts and lusts. SO BEWARE, and be professional and cold about these issues, or end up being the sandwich on their table. It's your choice, show some discipline, and maybe most important of all: don't yourselves grab all power, even if you think you would use it for the better. Which you can't, because even if you do, the one after you will abuse the power platform you leave behind, turning everything you did right (if anything that is) around toward bad. So show some discipline: follow proper agreed upon (if you agree upon it) protocol and laws. Live and let live, don't pursue a totalitarian control; you can not pursue an open democratic system through the methods of building up totalitarian control. You are more what you do and build, then what you say or what your beliefs are. Therefore do right and build properly.