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10 system principles/rules

1. Allow trade, so that everyone will be human and not the slave of another.

2. Allow self organization of companies, so that people can live meaningful lives.

3. Do not allow free trade in money for the founding/expansion of businesses, lest the money will make slaves of you all, consume your Nation and your world.

4. Gelijke distributie according to value the raw economic primitives of the land, so that everyone will be a human and have a continuing chance to live properly.

5. Install a fiercely democratic and subservient Government, so that the land will not be swallowed by corruption and stupidity.

6. Install capable judges that fairly decide justice based on the law, and (if needed) a police to enforce the law to suppress chaos and crime.

7. Strive for fair prices and a reasonable income, rather then maximum, lest you become the slave because of your own greed.

8. Divide into sovereign Nations none too large, lest you endanger democratic rule, diversity, freedom, and lawful Government.

9. Help those who can not work and treat them as equal, because one day it will be you who needs help.

10. Be careful with the Earth, the plants and the animals, so that you may live long and prosperous on this planet, and don't destroy yourself. .




Jos Boersema, 11 Av 5768, 12 August 2007