The following directories represent additions in chronological order (000, 001, 002, etc).

Collection of some additional things, usually from discussions:
./000 ./001 ./002

This was meant to be actual discussions, but because of the copyright laws that rule in the modern era I have decided to remove all the opponents words, more or less making all of this worthless. These debates are probably accessible in the Usenet archives in a better format (also more then are recorded here.)

Collection of relevant additional materials, also the Phalanx of Freedom was added here because it became obvious nothing was going to be done by the people and hence tyranny and war would probably go on and recur and have to be fought the hard way:

Another directory with some relevant material:

A directory about real-life tests or research of these systems:

Here is located material about other systems, laws, Constitutions, to which are made certain proposals to change them. The proposals for change are generally in the direction of a DAVID/9-roads system, however the proposed change could be so close to the pre-existing model that except for a general theme of power-distribution there may be no resemblance to the proposed DAVID-239 Constitution. Such slow reforms are the preferred way to change systems.

This website contains these materials as they where being created, hence it tends to be chronological in order rather then logical. Please feel invited to present these material in a better way, and cut out what is useless (or disagreeable to you). This is how it is supposed to work. Take it, mold it and use what you like, please.