Function identifiers

   Posted on Thursday, October 30, 2008 2:45 PM
   Some identifiers that can be used to easily identify who has what
   function at the moment. This could be helpful, it would certainly
   increase the level of "order," which can be needed if there is too
   little of that. These also work in black/white, and try to avoid the
   "more / less" meaning you could get when using an increasing number of
   stripes or stars. It could get confusing if these markers are used
   both by political parties, other organizations and/or the state,
   either formally or informally. (Might want to change something if used
   in a non-state meaning, such as attaching the organization-name, or
   making up new identifiers, or making up new identifiers for use by the
   state if that seems useful.)


   Here badges / identifiers for Advice Councils, on name.

   Such a badge or id-card type thing implies it is an ongoing
   responsibility / title, until revoked, and it implies having a list at
   the council that elected these people of who has been elected to what.
   That suggests maintaining a correct administration.

   Since loss of order and control are the biggest and worst problems we
   could face, particularly because with this system we are pretty much
   having to make a rolling start in the midst of advanced technological
   culture without having the benefit of many centuries or millenia of
   operating a correct economy or high end democratic system, any
   marginal benefit could end up being the difference between success and

   Here identifiers simplified:


   Identifiers might be a risk if there are violent reactionaries, or if
   there is a chance the revolution would be reversed including later
   assasinations. On the other hand having people their government role
   readily be identifyable by the public would make it easier for the
   public to make contact with the government. Presumably elected
   delegates know where/who is the government, voters may know something
   as well, voter block housekeepers also, etc. If delegates can be
   identified easily it is easier to start a chat about something with
   them if you meet one of them on the street. That way the delegates
   would also get important information, if not about problems then at
   least about opinions that exist... Even though many delegates might
   work in their function part-time, they are still readily involved in
   decision making Government.

   To prevent mis-identification the Government could of course decide to
   make it illegal to show/wear incorrect identifiers. Needless to say
   these are not military style ranks, where the lower ranks must obey
   the higher ranks. However it is conceivable that it might work like
   that, either for the better during emergencies, or for the worse in a
   power flow reversal. It is the responsibility of everyone to make sure
   there is a healthy flow of power and information from the majority to
   the government, and from the government to the majority. One of the
   ways to combat power flow reversal is to elect different people into
   government and force them to obey the People. Depending on what type
   of people gets elected the danger of power flow reversal is greater or
   less. Look out for people who would want to do away with the laws that
   allow immediate replacement of delegates on any level. Losing such
   laws and practice could lock a power flow reversal in place for at
   least some time.

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