[showing a triangular constitutional flag with black and blue banners]

Tue Oct 20 12:55:32 CEST 2009, Holland, Groningen

See for laws: Constitutional flag laws, configuration examples, flag design meaning.


Some other/more attributes ...

[chairperson hammer, symbolic hoop, actual shoulder insignia NL/DAVIDWE] Chairperson order hammer + block.
Ring, symbolizing a council divided into 5 grouplets (has no actual use).
Sewn 'voter' shoulder insignia in colors and lettering for NL/DAVIDWE political party. (stuff made by jos)


[2 shoulder insignia: voter (left), delegate/spokesperson (right).
Left one with, right one without lettering (that order has no meaning)] Two shoulder insignia, left with lettering for 'voter,' right without lettering (not yet added). Right one is square, for 1st level delegate.


[4 shoulder insignia] 4 shoulder insignia: voter (left), delegate/spokesperson, delegate both from voter-group and delegates-section (twice elected), national council twice elected (right).

[11 shoulder insignia] From left to right, up to down: voter, delegate, delegate from voter block and section delegate (larger council), as before but for province (1/50th of the nation its people in one territory), national council delegate; (second row) voter block housekeeper / administrator, chairperson only direct elected council, chairperson council also from sections of delegates (twice elected council), als before but for province (1/50th of the nation), national council chair person (loses voting right in the council); electoral committee (oldest member), King Elect, Head of State, (possible) Sovereign Inspector.

(Background: constitutional flag in peace configuration with white feather to stress peace, with two banners black and blue ('there is no peace, please change government) symbolic ring showing subcouncil divisions of councils, wooden ring).