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(Issues that could help during revolutionary pressures are marked with [REVOLUTION]).

../ 2 Example scenario sub-council system.

../../post/003/2010-03-27_D----_Rr_en [REVOLUTION] A fund for every grouping to repair terrorist damage blamed on us.

../../post/003/2010-03-21_D--I-_R-_nl [REVOLUTION] The problem of sudden new currency temporarily releaved electronically.

../../post/003/2010-03-20_D-v--_--_en Example rule-book for entrepreneurial company half democratic.

../../post/003/2010-03-16_D--i-_--_en Simple individually computed state-run savings-pension insurance (component).

../../post/003/2010-03-14_D-v--_--_nl Example of what could be involved starting a new business ...

../../post/003/2010-04-20_DA---_--_nl2 (Dutch) ... nog maar weer eens over het subraden model.

../../post/003/2010-04-20_DaVID_Rr_en [REVOLUTION] Overview of initiation new system (the overall strategy).

../../post/003/2010-04-26_DA---_--_en Computing an initial natural jurisdiction border for councils.

../../post/003/2010-04-27_Da---_--_en2 Advice on council order: by default, chairing with an iron fist

../../post/003/2010-04-30_Da---_R-_en [REVOLUTION] Base up workers organization, fast, distributed, ~sovereign