Images of the Council Government

These are improved images, reflecting a change in the proposed system since the first images where made (years ago). The original versions are in the directory ../../../002, see for example o_government.smallest_local_50.jpg. The system changes are that it is not 100 voters per voter-group but 50, and that the Further Councils do not have to elect 50 twice elected Delegates, but it only has to be 10 or more.

You may need to zoom your web browser to fit the images (some browsers use CONTROL-mousewheel). Zoom close to read and see details, zoom out to get an overview. Here is a version of images with the Government on top of the drawings: Government on top. Here some other graphics of this form of election system: older graphics

Note: the "King" has under normal conditions no power, other then the right to study the Constitution and if completed to then inspect the Government in order to expose criminal activities. It is not a chair person, President, Prime minister of a Government, etc, it does not sign law, makes no decisions about anything at all except has a vote in the Electoral Committee to decide general election dates, aforementioned power of inspection, and a temporary emergency role during chaos (see proposed Constitutional laws here).