Initiation of small guys

The 40 kilometers within 24 hours with 20 kilogrammes on your back is set for someone of 1.90 meter and 82 killogrammes. It seems unfair to say to people of half that weight or half a meter shorter to complete it. That could be proper if the goal is only to select a certain amount of power per soldier. This is however not the goal here: the goal is to make would be soldier think, to test their will. For women the test could again be made 40% lighter also. How to do these computations is up to you (or ask nearby Phalanx Generals - if any - what is considered proper.)

In terms of battle power: two persons weighing 40 kg each consume less food then one weighing 80 kg, weighing down the army less. If each of these featherweights completed half of the Phalanx iniation, together they did a complete one. If one dies, the other may fight on. Smallness is not better or worse then being bigger. All can be used for the Phalanx in their own ways.