You can work on this program.

Simplest is to help with backing up, everything in one: sede-everything.tar.gz. You can also put that file up as a mirror site (it is GNU GPL).

The ./Todo list is fairly long, there is a lot to do. If you send in ("publish") work under the GPL license, the program can basically be a combination of GPL released files. You need not follow the ./Todo list: scratch your itch.

The most important aspect is quality, just try to do the best you can. The development motto is currently: "all good things come slowly" (Dutch proverb). Naturally a voting program must be of the best standard possible. Being 100% bug free is the standard, which is practically achievable if enough time is pumped into development.

The programming languages are: C. There is some shell script present, but this should be moved to C (eventually).

This should become a working, highly featured democracy program, with an extremely simple (dumb) `core'. Its aim beyond stability, is to actually be used in every kind of voting opportunity conceivable/available, out compete other programs by offering better quality and having their general features (ofcourse!). A swiss army knife of voter verified voting programs. The aim is that it scales trouble free from 1 user to the entire world population, and make usage interesting for people with barely a few computer skills, to people with lots of skills, and people who are looking to extend the program and interface it with other systems.

It is GPL, which means that if for some reason the plug is pulled from this side, you can continue to work on it (please do!).

Obviously, your name will be attached to the program if you make a `contribution'. Or should I say: if you choose to become a fellow author.

Disclaimer: it is always possible the program goes nowhere or is suddenly superseded by something way better. Your effort could be wasted for nothing.