The Power to vote what you want

You can vote any series of Bits. On the question "do you want to vote tea or coffee", you can vote, for instance: "water". You can vote "dt∅vvn!@#$2342", if you want to. All votes are considdered as being "undefined bit-strings".

On the question "Bob" or "Alister", you can vote "Miranda", or "hahaha", or "Bob and Alister must join up".

You can also vote "" (which would be taken literally, added with all exactly similar votes). In this case, you could change your vote later (if readers care to follow the URL).

Votes are counted as unique bit strings. However, they can also (inclusive) be added under titles made up by the `vote-administration', who can herd different votes together under one title. That way, a more readable result can be generated, where "haha" and "hahaha" are converged under "laughing" or "abuse", etc (depending on what the vote-administrations likes). If the vote-administration wants to have an easy job creating a presentable result, they would want to provide all options that appeal to (almost) all voters.



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