What is this system ?

The symbols and names of this system and science may set you on the wrong foot if you have any preconceptions. It can both be called socialist (for its nationalized finance and high end democracy), and liberal (for its free trade as the essential principle and its land-distribution, which is also communist/socialist); but you can also call it anti-socialist (for its free market and high end democracy (if you define socialist as dictatorship)), or be called anti-liberal (for its giving labor power and removing "elite" power abuses in the markets). In terms of existing ideological names the most fitting could be market socialism, with the emphasis on market (meaning the freedom to buy, sell, hire, be hired, make contracts, organize businesses, etc).

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The term 'socialism' here does not mean a (communist) plan-economy (which is a perversion of the word social-ism). It means that the objective of the system would be to have a social society as opposed to an anti-social dog-eat-dog social Darwinistic society where the strong eat the meak and the shrewd wreck the honorable. To try to avoid that is a social objective. Since the system relies essentially on a free market (which would be a fair-trade market if the people where moral), and not everything is made dependent on "the social dimension" like negotiating, sharing, genorisity and an unnatural ability to do hard work voluntarily (which is what communism seems to demand), the term 'socialism' does not cover the cargo properly either; at least not for many who use the word to mean the end of the free market. The term 'market' does neither cover the cargo properly, because certain elements are taken out of the market that in the capitalist and feudal system have been part of the market (such as soil, productive herds of humans, and capital). This system proposed here doesn't seem to fit comfortably within any well known category of ideology. Market socialism seems to come closest (from a European usage of these words, where 'socialism' is not such a negatively propagandized word to mean a tyrannical-plan-economy as it is in America). Another possible name for the system is: Distributism or free market distributism. How that makes the system any clearer seems to be ... unclear. What is distributed ? Social free market distributism then ? Free Market Social Distributism, FreMaSoDist !

As mentioned above, system is not a vice for the market that one usually sees when socialists approach the market, by controlling prices and all manner of extreme and impractical ways to force the market to behave more fairly. These attempts fail because they overlook the problem of the forcing arm, which is the element of power concentration, which will then likely become an abusing arm. The solution will become the problem. This is typically not seen as it is the arm of the ideologue themselves. They belief they will be "the better people," either implicitly without realizing it, or explicitly. In the end that fails, because those who truely understand is the criminal element, and they will simply assassinate the do-gooders, and then take up the reigns of powers that naivity has build for them to use. Here in this so-called D.A.V.I.D. system, the market at the grassroots is made more free then it ever was in the capitalist system. The capitalist system always suffered from power-concentration right at the grassroots, by the extreme cost of owning land. That made it impossible for a real market of ordinary people to come about. The capitalist system then further choked the market by all manner of additional demands upon the business starter on the one hand, while catering to the rich and greedy who could afford to buy politicians.

The solution here chosen is to free the market for the ordinary people, by removing the extreme cost of starting to work (which is land), by removing complex taxation methods that overwhelm simple business starters (such as profit and income taxes); although the taxation method is more or less a side-issue within this model, it shows the idea that underlies this system. The idea is to spread power to all, so that all can look out better for their own interests. Given that, there is also set new boundaries on the market however: Plutocracy will be outlawed (a maximum on personal wealth, but this is fairly high), and company ownership will go mostly to the labor that works in that company (spreading power and profit that way.) The business starters are not forgotten either, as they are proven to be an essential part of the system. A business starter may run his business as desired. But just as inheriting and selling titles of nobility produced the horrific feudal system to the point of Revolution and forced abolishment of that madness, so here are titles of mass ownership of people through companies abolished. The control over the market is taken on a few key points of Power, rather then endless and impractical attempts to control the free flow of goods, services and prices that make the market useful.

Because of it's extensive detail yet clear ideological backbone, it seems logical to give this system it's own name: it is a form of market socialism, called by author a DAVID system: Democratic Authorities (Government), Democratic Ventures (companies), Democratic Investments (finance), Democratic Demarcations (land). This system is proposed as the rational solution to the economic and Government question. It is not merely a form of style or fashion, or whatever you like. It is suggested that to what degree a system like this is attempted, it will succeed, and to what degree a system is at odds with a system such as this, it will fail. Having said that, humans and humanity are not merely a matter of science. Humans must do what they want and enjoy; what they enjoy will work, and what they do not enjoy will not work. Hence I hope that some nations would at least enjoy to attempt the given model here, which has been crafted carefully in about 10 years time.

This system has not been created as a hobby in spare time, not on saturday afternoons with nothing better to do. It has been created with a sense of urgency, full time without any destractions including those of family home life, and in the assumption that it would be done and that it would be the neck of undersigned in the noose if the system would ultimately fail by the outraged masses collecting on the Justice that they are surely entitled to. Please consider the system proposed here to be your system. Just like the discovery that the Earth is round is not a patent or a creation of the discoverer, but a fact owned by all. Did the astronomer/mathematician who computed first that the Earth was round, create the Earth ? Of course not. It is a truth known by all, through pictures we can now all see it with our own eyes. We all know more about the roundness of the Earth now, then did the astronomers who computed this a long time ago did. Is the circus artist who pulls the curtain on the hitherto unseen creature the elephant, the creator of the Elephant, deserving great magnification and honor ? Of course not. He is merely the clown pulling a cord. So it is with this system: undersigned is merely the clown pulling the cord on it. The freakish and pityful individual, stumbling alone in the woods, falling down by ignorance and accident to hit his head on a what undersigned beliefs is a useful point of view, coming screaming out of the woods to draw in the others who are more knowledgeable, to ask them what they think of it that the madman found this time. WHAT DO YOU THINK OF IT ?????

This is your system, not because undersigned gives it to you, but because it has been the underlying truth all along (at least on its major points). Therefore: please enjoy making it different again, hopefully improving it to something you would enjoy to live. Diversity is fruitful, that can also hold for economic & Government systems operating in the world. The reason for every major and minor thing in this system is given at length. It is not a closed model that one can not get in to intellectually. Everything is reasoned and open for intellectual and experimental scruteny. This system comes with one guarantee, and that is that it will work as well as your Nation is going to make it work, and it is going to fail as much as your Nation is going to make it fail. The system will fail for people who lack the decency to speak to each other, who lack the intelligence and heart to see things from another their perspective. It will also fail for people who are lazy and lacking in the capability of initiative, creativity and courage. For those Nations who are capable, I belief this system will prove superior to original wild Capitalism (historically the 1st way, after the feudal system), superior to the alternative of Communism (historically the 2nd way), and superior to the ad-hoc measures within European Capitalism after the 2nd world war that has been called the third way (by which the other two where enumerated as first and second). This then comprises a 4th way, having 4 main elements, which is not an ad-hoc mix of capitalism with socialist interventions, but a rounded and integrated ideological system in it's own right. It is not a plank layed on the back of two horses who are fighting in opposite directions, one called capitalism and one called socialism or communism. It is founded on the single pillar of power distribution to all. All the rest is the computation of details that come from such a starting point.

nov 2014, Jos Boersema, Groningen.

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