White Rose

"Since the conquest of Poland, 300,000 Jews have been murdered in this country in the most bestial way... The German people slumber on in dull, stupid sleep and encourage the fascist criminals. Each wants to be exonerated of guilt, each one continues on his way with the most placid, calm conscience. But he cannot be exonerated; he is guilty, guilty, guilty!"

- 2nd leaflet of the White Rose.
~ In memory of Sophie Scholl

Now ~ when the children born during the lifetime of ❦ Sophie ❦ are still alive and well conscious of the world ~ fascist slaughtering is again being conducted on the European Continent in the Donbass region, by the western violent and fascist coup in the Ukraine.

---->> continued ...

Western populations look the other way ~ too easily confused by the propaganda companies they should know better then to belief. They applaud the killing. When will it end ? How will it end ? To the fascist propaganda believer: Do you not see the fascist murderers of America and the European Union, when the body parts are laying all around and the mothers are crying for their dead children ~ in full color moving picture, dozens, hundreds, thousands of videos ? How dare you still consume the official propaganda, and be consumed by it, after the wars in the middle east ? Does nothing make you think ? Do you have to die, before you understand what violence is ? Does your house need to be ruined by a fascist Howitser, before you agree that Armies attacking a peaceful people is wrong ? Russia did it ? Who told you that. If you care for nobody, how many will care for you ? Are you a living human being, or a drunk tool for World Fascism.

Donbass, Novorussia: glory to your warriors, victory to your guns, may eternal peace make Sovereign your Braves, your flag scare the murderers back to their far off homes. May the Creator open the mind of your Generals, the hearts of your Representatives, strengthen the arm of your People, comfort those who are crying. How dare the West claim ignorance. When Armies of lawlessness start the killing they love, than apathy is not peace, but violence. When innocent people are killed in the street again and again by gangs with axes and later Armies with heavy weaponry, than doing nothing is not holy neutrality, but cowardice, stupidity, self serving indifference. Act now against the gangsters ~ when the acting is easy, when no ultimate penalty will have to be payed for the truth. If nothing more is done, the time when the truth is met by killing could break out for you, as it has for them. Unexpected, unexplainable, suddenly everything would have changed ~ as if beyond repair, hopeless ~ because the People look the other way today. It crept in so close, so slow, it smiled so gentle as it patted you on the back for being the Master Race, the enlightened ones, that when you where warned that a Beast was hanging over you ... you did not listen, you could not belief the truth. You can see this Beast, the crimes that it does, in the mirror it holds up for you. A mirror it uses to paint for you a picture of a boogie man. A boogie man not seated in the halls of your own Government, banking and corporate classes, but by reflection .... elsewhere, anywhere, anywhere but there. As you huddle for safety under the Imperial Beast, it will rule you and then destroy you. ( Nov 2014, Groningen NL )

Note: I have warned you that the E.U. is fascist before the war in Ukraine. Nobody listened, even today they belief the propaganda that Donbass miners and the general population there murdered everyone on the downed boeing 777, or Russia suddenly commits an act of war against the Netherlands and Malaysia; while there are endless flights from all countries, including the Netherlands and Malaysia: safely in and out of Moskou all the time. This is called war hysteria and false flag terrorism by the West. Poland attacked Nazi Germany, they believed it. Moskou attacked the Netherlands, they belief it. What is next ? I have warned you too that the 3rd world war is likely coming, for reasons of domestic economic collapse. Others wiser then me have warned you, a chorus that is getting larger, more worried. Do you not see that nothing has changed fundamentally from the Weimar Republic ? The war debt is now the National Debt pyramid game. Hitler is now called Obama: a new mannerism but the march to fascism is the same, the wild belief in the lawless man is the same, the way he is irrationally defended and his crimes brushed off is the same, but on a larger scale. All his crimes are blamed on the little Obamas down the line, haven't we seen that before ? Yes we can: Nazi Germany.

He has already murdered his first American citizen, publicly, using drone strikes, for voicing an opinion; albeit a radical opinion. He used to be a moderate Imam, championed by America, who loved America. Then he found out what America was doing. Is American foreign policy with its invasions, death squads and organized torture perhaps ......... radical ? Is it OK for a people to resist foreign invasion, even if the invador is the West ? The West brings freedom and everyone agrees to it, because those who don't are killed.

Not only the citizen, also his son was murdered with a drone strike. A different drone strike, a different assassination. The dead son was later identified by the hair on the back of his head by his family. The explosion tore away half his head. His mother said the boy was so peaceful, so gentle. Who are you to dispute it ? That is how the boy looked: a gentle boy with glasses on. Just a boy. He may not live if Obama says: "kill," from a desert and an Ocean away. You feel safer now, with the gentle boy dead ? He is good in killing, the US President was reported as having said once, about himself. Slanderous fabrication about the Holy Leader who can do no wrong ? Pride of a thug who can not control himself ? Kill the son, just in case the son might grow up to have an adverse opinion of Obama, right ? That part was an accident, so they said. Isn't that convenient. A targeted drone strike on the son in a far off foreign Nation, of the person they already killed. A boy that is still just a child, playing with his friends; he was not a grown man, not of military age. He was not even near America, but accross the vast ocean. His mother is crying now. Was it worth it ? If it was an accident, what does that say about the frequency of these murders from the sky ? Apparently we should belief belief them, forget about it. How about I do not belief them. How about I do not belief what fascists say, what known liars say. Strange ? Unusual behavior not to belief known liars ? Must be a disease ?

He keeps torturing in the dungeons. What is next ? The next boss will solve it, the next puppet for the same Oligarchy ? Do you know these things ? This place is not large enough to list the crimes done by growing fascism in the west and America. Who are you listening to. We have the same system of Parliament as the Weimar Republic, the same system of trade, the same cliques in power. Why do you not expect a similar outcome, and when the signs appear you do not notice ? Is self imposed ignorance the blanket under which you hide, to stay calm in a world you do not dare think about ? Do you think that blanket will protect you, when bad things happen ?

Do you think that blanket will proof your innocence, so that you can later say: I did not know, I could not belief the truth, it is not my fault ? "Each wants to be exonerated of guilt, each one continues on his way with the most placid, calm conscience. But he cannot be exonerated; he is guilty, guilty, guilty!" ~ The White Rose.


P.S. My brother & me where in Munich and went to see the place where it all happened; the university, the balconey. Come back Sophie, come back.

The fascists could kill the members of the White Rose ~ may they rest in peace ~ because the People looked the other way. Because the People did not dare doubt what they where all supposed to be thinking, told to them by people in ironed clothes and polished shoes, having impressive titles to their names. Yet despite the best efforts of the fascists to murder everyone who didn't agree with them, we can read the words written then. We have what they made their sacrifice for. Millenia of killing the Jewish people based on absurd accusations and mass hysteria has not eradicated the Torah. It is still here, wider spread then ever. Their killing could not destroy the words that a single man had written, by hand on leather that must have perished by now, at a time only a few could read and write. Masses of steel and raging mobs of people could not destroy it. Yet if you would have had it in your hands: it has no strength, it can be burned in a few minutes, or the words erased with sanding paper, cut up with a kitchen knife. It has no strength. Yet it lives on, indestructible. It only took a few who cared, when everyone seemed against them.

Those who listen to the truth, who act for Justice, they can not be comforted by a blanket of ignorance today. They who dare to know the truth will be comforted later by their conscience, after the work has been done. We can only hope to find the courage of the White Rose, when that time comes. They can sometimes kill our bodies, we will never let them have our soul. Death is only an opening door, feared less by those of conscience, faced with confidence by those who did what had to be done.

The struggle continues ... Do not be a spectator, do not become guilty. How many fascists died in their own wars ? How many people who chose ignorance to protect themselves, where later forced to kill and be killed, loosing their soul and lives ? No safety exists for anybody under the smiling beast. The blindness of ignorance is the darkness of night within which they will come to attack you too. It is that cover under which they are murdering today, that the People are seeking shelter under. It can not protect you. Ignorance strangles the People, suffocating themselves as they grope around aimlessly under a cover of lies. Truth and Justice can protect your houses, your children, your life and your soul, when the crying is heard and is acted upon with determination and understanding.