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All kind of choices, as long as it is the same thing.
Copy/distribute this sheet at will. Please do ! If you like this, distribute especially along peace demonstrations. That's where thinking about society is most serious. 1% coverage or less should be more then enough. With a nice graphic on the back, it may appear more friendly and less theoretical/amateurish.

Sign Petition: DAVID has no central command, party rigor or leadership class, it is strictly an idea only. Feel free to use and abuse or change the symbol, the changes reflect your opinion (these drawings are released as `public domain').


A purple triangle pointed down, tip inverted and sunk in black. Tools displayed in the left-right center of the triangle, in the top half, red and white. In bottom half centered left-right in the triangle, two white triangles across eachother, one pointing up the other down, the center hexagonal divided in 3 horizontal parts. Top part blue shows a drop coming from a cloud in darker blue; bottom part green shows twelve equally sized blocks in darker green; middle part red shows many triangles with tips pointing down in darker red, a few have the tip pointing up; the upper triangles row is not red but yellow, and stands on a light blue background, some of the red triangles below these yellow triangles are also on a blue background; the lowest triangles row stands on a light green background. On top of triangle a yellow Omega symbol, stretched to fit, with (rounded) triangle shaped gap and rounded top. Above the words "democratic government, democratic companies, democratic finance, democratic resources," leafs left and right to triangle, bottom field of background shades to black, top field shades to a thin light blue.


What is the imagined meaning of all this nonsense.

A triangle inverted stands for representative democracy, the base is on top, the leaders on bottom. The inverted tip of the triangle signifies corruption in the leadership, aiming to attack the democratic people. The inverted triangle sunk below without touching and colored black, means defeat of this corruption. Another reading would be that a leadership class which was lifted above the pyramid, has missed the inversion of the lower part of the pyramid, and is consequently pushed from above top to below bottom. The triangle color purple stands for wisdom, the flattened tip pointing down stands for plural government, no singular focus. The three fields inside the two white triangles and the triangles stand for the 4 main points of the program: democratic finance (blue), democratic businesses (red), distribution of resources (green), and surrounding it the democratic government (white triangles). The white triangle (2D pyramid) with point down represents focussing a decision by the many, the white triangle with point up represents following this decision by the many. The red triangles are democratic businesses interacting while the yellow row stands for monopoly sector service groups (limited nationalized industry) and the few red triangles on blue background represent special sectors of industry neither fully monopolized and neither fully free floating in the markets, the blue drop from cloud is public capital investment, the green squares are distributed resources. While the businesses are fluid and unlimited, the resources are fixed and measured, and capital is coming from an infinite source but carefully applied. The few tip pointing up red triangles are businesses just started, allowed to not be democratic. `Keyboard and broomstick' is a variation on `hammer and sickle.' The keyboard and broomstick mean this is a working class world (everyone works, no gambling / ruling class), the nobility, or what's left of it - essentially crime - is sunk in black below. They kill each other, have nothing to offer anymore. The cresting Omega signals democracy, the omega has the shape of a scales: counting votes. The pyramid shape of the Omega's gap means the importance of reason, not personal allegiance to leaders, as a leading principle, taking over the role of the lost tip. The tip of this pyramid balances the Omega, meaning that the most important idea is democracy. The Omega stands victorious above the defeated Alpha: Omega stands for the downtrodden, while the `A' stands for power hierarchy. This configuration suggests the defeat and scatter of the Alpha (Capital letter), and the assumption of power of those that were below. The purple triangle is held in the air by the handle of the Omega, transferring power from the base to the tip. This signals self reliance, as well as technological progress (flying). The bottom black triangle stands on the Earth, meaning it is void of technology, pressed into darkness between the naked animals. The greenery on the sides signal victory and sovereign power. The size of the purple triangle and the black triangle, reflect the moment when the `Alpha' (pro war) people are outnumbered by the `Omega' (pro peace) people sufficiently, to create this situation of inverse hierarchy for the first time.


Why another party.

It isn't a party, it is just an idea. I'm kind of tired with parliamentary parties, and however much they may mean well, it is difficult to get anywhere. Therefore this is an abstract non-party. Everyone can display its symbolism freely, signaling their aims. When they don't deliver on the aims, it is they personally who lose credibility, not the abstract idea(s) itself, ideas are harder to corrupt. There are 4 main points in the program, therefore it is important to have this in the symbol. It is so easy to fiddle a little with a party program, it won't be so easy to fiddle with a symbol. Naturally meaning can be eroded, but not as easily completely rewritten as a party program or party practice.

Do I think this is a good idea ?

I don't know. I just enjoy doing it. There are so many shades of opinions, therefore it might be useful to narrow this down, make it more explicit. It does, for instance, have a market economy, which may be quite different from other models. I suppose that just subtle changes to the hammer and sickle symbols may work, but that will be a little too easily lost. A little symbolism isn't wrong, it can be a convenient way to communicate, a sort of visual language.

Will the meaning of this symbol change if you change this site ?

The 4 main points remain and are named. They can be implemented in many different ways. It is possible that the proposed Constitution will change in detail, but if it changes dramatically, it should no longer fit the symbol. Don't count on the proposed Constitution changing in major ways, though. Another way to look at the 4 points is negative: Democratic Authorities means not Dictatorship; Democratic Ventures means no market that trades in companies; Democratic Investments means no private selling of money for profit; and Democratic Demarcations means no speculation with natural resources. Not following these rules in the world economy is what makes the world go bad, it steals the life away from the People of the world, that is the way it works.

Why `DAVID.'

It was `DGCFR' before: Democratic Government, Companies, Finance, Resources, resulting in sentences like ``the dgcfr star-seal ...'', it isn't easy to say and remember the letters. Since the two triangles are also known as a David-star, I searched for matching terms, and they unexpectedly matched well, even better (except possibly for `venture', which means `business', `company' here; the `high risk' connotation isn't a bad thing). Government = Authority, Companies = Ventures, Finance = Investments, Resources = Demarcations. `Venture' also has something of `adventure,' and adventure is life. Asked Neturei Karta for objections to use this name/symbol, received none, so it should be OK ...