Demonstration ...

On Sat 24 November 2007, 11:00-14:00: demonstration called for by Federation Dutch Trade unions (FNV), 3 locations, Groningen (hey!), Zutphen and Rotterdam.

There is probably not a single soul reading this, but my idea for a pamphlet is, front-side (Dutch):

 Flits Ontslag ?

 Voor politici: JA.

 Voor de rest: werknemers de macht.

 Een einde aan de eeuwige strijd ?

 Zet de zaak recht, voor eens en
 voor altijd.

 Dictatuur v/h Kapitaal: ...
 Democratische Overheid: Ja.
 Democratische Bedrijven: Ja.
 Democratische Investeringen: Ja.
 Democratische landverdeling: Ja. 

On the other side:

Translated: Flash-firing [of employees, firing without a `good reason' and judge approval, which has been normal in the USA] ? For politicians: Yes. For the rest: power to employees. An end to the eternal struggle ? Set business right, for now and for forever. Dictatorship of Capital: ... Democratic Authorities: Yes. Democratic Ventures: Yes. Democratic Investments: Yes. Democratic land-distribution: Yes.

Other side: sheet1.

Update: Sun May 11 05:57:46 UTC 2008
This battle was won without the need to fight it. Between then and now the plan has not happened (Nov 24 2007 - May 11 2008.) On threat of the demonstration the enemies of the people temporarily withdrew their plan before the demonstration could take place, the demonstration was therefore called of.

It is now waiting on where they will try again with this plan ... The basic plan is: improve profit margins in businesses by reducing labor working conditions, thus making banks and investors richer. Specifically: the legal protections that past generations have managed to erect against the (abuse of) power of the business dictators.