Idea to change the a Royal Coat of Arms

The below drawing is an idea for improvement (it is not a challange to the Dutch Monarchy.) Royal emblems have had a tendency to evolve from each other. This example is meant as an evolution and may be something that improves the Dutch Monarchy. It is not proper to ask for emblems of predatory animals such as eagles and lions to be removed as emblems of Royalty and Government, without offering a replacement. The below is an example of how such a change could look like.

I believe it is important that we move away, in the entire world, from the use of predatory animals as emblems of Governments. The display of threatening predatory animals in emblems has an effect on the civilian persons - elected officials - that are confronted by these images every day, in a way that they may not be able to cope with sufficiently in the way the Royalty would be able to. The Queen or King is responsible for the Nation and her integrity, the predatory animals are scaring the forces of chaos away. The elected officials rarely have the needed sense of responsibility, as there are many elected officials often none would feel the end responsibility. Yet they identify with the domination of the animal sign, then for them the predatory animals may work to increase their lust for domination in ways that are not good for the Government and its actions.

Perhaps it is an idea for our Royal Majesty the Queen, to change the emblem from lions (a predator representing war) to something else, for instance a dove (reprenting peace). I sinserely hope the drawing does not displease her Majesty the Queen. I submit the drawing as an example only. Another idea is to put a heavy chain on the lion, and connect that chain to the Crown. That would be less work, and henceforth the lion would be representative of the forces of Chaos that are held under control by the Crown, the Queen (or King.) The dove flies over pointed danger standing for chaos, the spanner in the beak reprents the maintenance of the Nation. The spanner connects a Earth and the sky, while giving light to the Earth. The lower crown, which has a cross on it, represents the suffering of the Just from injustice, like the political enemies of the Roman Empire, which is where the cross symbol originated. The upper crown is from the DAVID Constitution, which is a law system where the Monarchy would continue, albeit under the uncertainties of a certain election mechanism. The official and normal work for the Monarchy would be to enjoy live as much as possible, it only needs to come into action when the Nation faces disintegration.

The dove is taken from a drawing about natural evolution. It is that theory which makes the use of predatory animals as emblems problematic. This theory has the potential to undermine the status of emblems carrying predatory animals in a threatening way. The theory ("technical Darwinism") breaks the idea that humans can identify with powerful animals. Weapons are less of a problem, as these are in principle also tools for defense against such predators, and what ultimately sets humanity apart from the animal kingdom. Animals do not use weapons, only humans can.

Throne example

This drawing of a throne might represent an adequate throne (in this case for the Jewish Nation with representation of the 10 Commandments and a poor attempt at writing in Hebrew.)

The throne could be made from slabs of stone, all straight, no ornamentation or rounded shaping of any kind. A harsh throne, only made comfortable to sit on with cushions, if any. It can only be made more comfortable using cushions. The straightness represents the unforgiving straightness of truth & justice, the harshness is to remind the King and/or Queen that there may be people suffering somewhere, or that suffering may result from the wrong decisions. Every King and/or Queen could fashion its own cushions and foot rests, if needed, so the Throne would remain fully adaptable yet needs never be changed, or the Nation could do this. This Throne is a two seater, so that the King or Queen can invite people to sit on the Throne and discuss an issue. The indentation on the backside slab is a place where the Crown (if any) can be placed. The indentation moves the Crown lower, which means that the King or Queen may very well be wrong, at least is not the King of the Universe. The Crown can be placed in the middle, which signifies that the discussion King if there is discussion, unless the King decides to sit in the middle of the Throne himself/herself, can be used as a signal of assuming all granted powers: when the representatives are in chaos per constitution proposal, thus the debate has broken down. In that case the Crown would be directly above the King its head.

The Throne could sit on a flat surface equal in height to the door opening of the room and the general floor, so as not to resemble a pyramidal pecking order. If the King or Queen needs a higher position to speak to more people, the Throne stays below, that would be a signal to the King or Queen that real power does ideally not come from standing above and raising once voice, but from speaking the truth and making good decisions. The Throne will be too heavy to lift upward, to lift it will be a serious operation that will draw attention from the People. The Throne would be a Throne belonging to the Country, rather then belonging to the King or Queen, so to remind the King or Queen where power comes from (the People, the Constitution: the due process by which the title can be acquired, not innate power of the King or Queen himself/herself). The King or Queen has been invited to sit on the throne by the due constitutional process.

I first thought it be an option to embellish the throne in order to impress criminals and make them afraid. But it is probably better not to do this, prove to them a unity exists through adequate law enforcement, in which case the throne does not give criminals and corrupt people a negative example in their direction of things, and the People might actually react with a greater rather then lesser unity, as the throne would be on equal level. Criminals might be persuaded by this to stop seeking higher then deserved wealth, follow the example. This makes the throne ready for a time when there are no more criminals at all.


Country Government meeting hall

Perhaps this is just about crazy enough to make it work: a meeting hall for Government that can move around in the country. The Country Government is a group of people, if they always sit in the same place they develop a skewed view on the country and to some extend may start to behave as if the rest of the country is merely the outskirts of their own small patch they move around on each day. What often happens is most money gets spend in places most in view, and least gets spend in places furthest away.

The moving Government meeting hall combats this problem by physically setting up the Government meetings in diverse places throughout the country.

This can be an interesting way to see more of the country, to relate to more people in varies parts. If a problem is to be solved on a national level about a certain harbor, one could postpone that meeting until the Government meeting hall has had time to get there and then have the debate on site. Another fun part is to have a debate scheduled with nearby countries and if they too have a moving Government meeting hall one could place both side by side.

Needless to say the comfort, sound proving etc of the meeting hall should be very good, because it is little good having a debate in a noise and wobbly room. All this moving about would increase the interface between People and Government, and it prevents that Government retreats in some ivory tower. Keeps things a bit normal and down to Earth, perhaps, could be a plus. I think it could be an added dimension to Government.

It would even be possible to drive the Government meeting hall off the soil of the country ! Post delivery would have to keep tabs on where Government is. Another upside is that everyone in the country has equal opportunity to be part of Government, not only people born near the lucky site or willing to live there.

The moving-about could increase the authority of the CC with respect to the local Governments, because the CC really has been there and seen a lot. That translates into more knowledge and understanding, and therefore potentially more trust. The CC would constantly be in the thick of things. Presumably everywhere you have some hotels and such, or politicians can have their own mobile homes, or be granted use of such.

The throne of the Nation is not moving, so in any case there is a stationary National point, a point which would legally assume Government power in case the representatives are in chaos. Stability of the Nation in total is probably not negatively affected, rather the more insightful decisions might make the Nation more stable.

A tent rather then trucks is another option, but in the wind and rain it is probably not comfortable enough.