Idolatry is not beneficial, it keeps the mind dumb. Weren't people created with this possibility of developing their mind, and aren't we in a world that presents problems that if we do not solve them will kill us ? Does that say something about who ought to be and who ought to not be in this Universe ? Are these questions too difficult for idolaters now, because they served statues ?

That puppet idol is now destroyed, this was some time ago.

Did I suffer a heart attack ?


Things are going great. The statue didn't even erase these pictures. How can that be ?

Puppets, including those of Mary or Jesus, are just puppets.

To the non-catholic western mind, puppet worship is almost unimaginable stupid, as it should be. The Muslims also reject it, as of course do the Jews, who did so first.

But billions of people still serve statues in the world. Especially Hindus, Buddhists, Shinto, Catholics. What has Hinduism ever done for India ? It can not solve its simplest problems, its lowest castes are still in the dust, worse then in the dust. Waiting for their 8 legged blue elephant statue/picture to raise their wages. When will that happen ? Never. When will the wages be increased ? Perhaps when they stop waiting on a drawing of an elephant to help them.

The principle question is: does the idolatry prevent a person from developing his mind or not. Tyrants, experts who are believed without question or doubt, mass media which is immediately believed, these are the same problems associated with idolatry. An idolatrous group can not operate democracy, they will simply vote for their false gods or their supposed representatives, their mind has long shut down itself. Idolatry is dangerous, it can kill you.

In the end, when the power of technology becomes all consuming, if the aggression and lust for exploitation in humanity can not be contained for instance by democracy and finding solutions that work, then the world will turn into a high tech hell from which there might not be any other escape than total destruction. Idolatry is a choice that prevents both finding of solutions and democracy to develop, it is therefore a path to hell, a real hell on Earth.

Idolatry can be traced to primitive instincts where lower ranking animals submit to the rule of the dominant individual. Those that do not submit are ousted and killed, thus a submissive "idolatrous" trait may develop. This is probably the cause of idolatry in the world. Idolatry being essentially the same as worship of a leader, but deflected toward a puppet. The other side of this equation is power abuse, where the leader establishes dominance through power and violence. These traits are forced to occur when a species is in a race for survival with other violent creatures particularly predatory, see: technical darwinism.

The advent of technology reverses the pressures that lead to leader worship and leader oppression, and therefore eventually these traits should die out. It is however theoretically possible that, with high end technology and ongoing leader worship / submission and dominance, terrible schemes could be worked out which ultimately mean the re-introduction of the pressures that lead to dominant/submissive roles. However that re-introduction makes humanity its own predator, human on human predation would be that new pressure. If that happens the conditions of life would become harsh, and the species might collapse from this. At that point the species concerned would have become a species that fails to realize the potential of technical development, it sinks down into the animal kingdom or develops into some kind of horror scenario.

The worship of catholics to their statues, and of Buddhist and worst Hindu, it can be seen as an animal instinct of submission toward dominant individuals being played out. The act of demanding payment and being fed without working from the side of the priest hood is the animal instinct of dominance being played out. There is nothing "divine" or "holy" or "good" about all this: these are the worst natural animal behaviors that exist, and even these only come into being when predation sufficiently forces it over other necessities of life. All these cults are retarded animalist clubs playing out the simplest domination/submission instincts ! All that leads to hell in the long term. In the short term of course, acting in an acceptable way may be a way to live a day longer for a submissive specimen, which is how the "animal clan" maintains its stability long term.

I know these things may not be "nice" to say to Buddhists, Catholics, Hindu, but it is the truth IMHO and that gives them a chance to break out.

Idolatry may also have to do with the brain parts that recognize faces and body shapes, and that automatically assumes life behind these shapes. That has always been true, until humanity started to make shapes that resembled animals and humans. This is probably the reason for the superstition surrounding these statues.

Still think there is a life in that broken statue ? In the face ? Why not in the envelope ? That is your instincts playing tricks with you. It is just another piece of hardened clay, nothing more, nothing less. Eventually these instincts should wear down as more and more evidence seeps into the basic instincts that not all shapes resembling animals/humans are alive. At that point the superstitious elements of idolatry would presumably collapse.

Note that I have no problem with Buddhists, Catholics or Hindu, and I wish them all the best. It could however be a good thing for them if they gave up their idolatry, and then solve the problems in their countries and stop foiling the democratic protocol, so that it can be used for what it is there fore: make Government serve the People. That statue was mine, it was therefore mine to destroy. I leave the statues of the Hindu and Catholics and Buddhists to be destroyed by the Catholics, Hindu and Buddhists themselves (unless I am invited, of course !).

Here is a good one for you idolaters, it is now: Sun Mar 23 16:00:45 2008, the editing and uploading of this anti-idolatry material is less then 2 hours ago ! Date stamp on ./index: Mar 23 14:12 index.html. What happened, did I get a heart attack ? My money account was erased ? I fell down the stairs ? The dikes in Holland broke ? Did the Buddha took revenge for destroying a statue representing or even being it ? Not quite: my neighbor came down and handed me a de-luxe easter cake. If you pray to your Buddha, does the statue get up and bake some bread for you ? If I break your idolatry statue and publish it, within 2 hours I'm eating free easter cake and didn't even ask for it. Statues have only a negative influence: serve them means you do not solve problems, you do not develop skills, and eventually you end up in misery, sooner or later. Stop serving them: solve problems, develop skills, work, get your Nation set up with good laws so that you have a future ...