Example soil-rent contract

I suppose this is how simple a soil-rent contract for farm-land can be:

SOIL RENT CONTRACT * The 40x40 meter farmland to the east of the Hamer en Sikkellaan, in the corner before side-road to the north-east 1.7 km coming from Kostverloren to Nieuw Beerta, will be rented to F. Sikkema: in exchange for 10% of profits after taxes. F. Sikkema will not use heavy pesticides and other heavy poisenous farming chemicals without approval from the distributive owner. * Date: 6 March 2008, Nieuw Beerta * Distributive owner: Jos Boersema * Distributive user: Fokke Sikkema


It might be useful to create bundled soil contracts, where multiple distributive owners put their land together and negotiate one more stable contract with a farmer/user. If there are a lot of very small contracts that might not be very efficient for the farmers (more paper work), and less predictable.