Spot the terrorist !

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  Wrong ! This guy is a waiter in a hotel.










































  Wrong ! This pathetic outfit belong to a vegetarian punker.










































  Wrong ! This guy is just trying out a new jacket.










































  Wrong ! This guy is holding a balloon in his hand that says "bomb."










































  Wrong ! This guy is a chimney sweeper on his way to a wedding.










































  Does the law in your land allow for profit finance ? yes no










































  Considering the collection of the morally worst people into the professional finance sector and high powered business executives, depending on how long this collection has been progressing in time, the general moral makeup of the people of a country and its spread, it may be worthwhile to take any hint of terrorist involvement in those sectors seriously. Notably exactly the sectors many people look up to. Under correct law it may be natural to think of the people in these sectors as having useful abilities, however under incorrect law this is in general ill advised. Incorrect law is law that allows for profit finance, and law which does not distribute potential of nature to all. Every regular investment decision of an apparently innocent nature can constitute negative activities with money as a weapon.

Peculiar non-profit "good cause" investors may be able to escape these normal pressures when they truly want to live with losses, especially when they sustain members willing to shoulder losses. Such investors are rare exceptions in the finance "markets." Over time the finance industry is a suspect area that will likely become increasingly criminal, particularly the older groups (for reasons mentioned.)

By allowing a for profit sector one is indirectly sponsoring terrorism.










































  I also don't know where the terrorist is, although that doesn't mean there aren't any.










































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