The wages of Injustice are DEATH

When the 3rd world war comes, and your legs are torn off and you are watching cold rain come in through a gap in a building you have never seen before, the 3rd world war all of a sudden does not seem so great anymore.

When 75% of your family dies, when the livelihood of your area is devastated and nobody knows what they will eat next season, the 3rd world war all of a sudden does not seem so great anymore.

When mad roving gangs hunt you down and almost have you, when you are scared to death because you are almost murdered without help in sight, the 3rd world war all of a sudden does not seem so great anymore.

The wages of a world of injustice: death, sooner or later. It better be sooner, because there are worse things then DEATH in the world.

Choose Justice, while the choosing is nice. It can be done. Please do your homework, or face the consequences.


Don't you dare claim that all is lost if the 3rd world war breaks out in full force. All may be won because F I N A L L Y  YOU might be motivated to do the homework you should have been doing a long long time ago. The 3rd world war - if it breaks out - breaks out because of you.

The jews refused to do their Torah law against money selling. Even when the Christians told them, even when the Muslims told them, even when there is a Moslem shrine on the Temple Mount, when they can not win a military victory in Jerusalajim, they refuse to go back to the Torah finance and economics laws. And they never bothered to find out why there are these laws in the Torah, even though they are smart enough to do all kinds of other things.

The Christians delude themselves wherever they get a chance, to sing themselves to sleep, as long as they don't have to obey a law. The latest song, and presumably the last one before Christianity disappears forever, is that their fake "Christ" has "fulfilled the law," whatever that means ! The christians at least pretend it to mean that they no longer have to do proper laws, because someone else already did it for them, or something like that. The Christians never bother to find out why there are certain Torah laws, for instance against money selling, much less keep such a law. Keeping a law is such a drag, right ?

The Islam claims it is the best and final universal religion, then why isn't there world peace yet ? Most people will never surrender to Islam. Islam is still keeping the law against rent-seeking, but so did Christianity and Judaism in the beginning. Islam may simply not yet have arrived where it will eventually end up: breaking with its law. It seems to take quite a few centuries, but I doubt Islam has what it takes to maintain that law forever. What it takes is knowing why it is dangerous exactly, only such a truth eventually convinces forever. Islam knows that there is already corruption in Islam, that there is a (new) "dark age." This is a problem, what now ? Suggestion: do your homework and understand economics, if people are smart enough they ought to understand, and then keep the Law (against rent-seeking) forever.

The Catholics, Buddhists, Hindu and other idolatrous cults refuse to think altogether. It will be rather hard to solve problems if you are dedicated not to think at all. The Torah clearly says that you should not worship statues and build "god statues," the Catholics claim to believe in the Torah: then do its law, or stop using the Torah to bring in believers in your statues cult. The only people saved by Buddhism are its leaders, who get food for nothing. If there is suffering in the world (gosh, what on Earth shattering discovery that there is suffering ...), identify its cause and then resolve it. What is the usual cause: lack of economic prosperity, poverty, hunger, disease. What promotes poverty ? For one a parasitic cult being fed for doing nothing, actually making a job of doing as little as possible. Sitting on a cushion, breathing "right," some blabbering of mantras, thinking about nothing. Pretty absurd when you think about it, isn't it; but did it solve your problems ? End of suffering already ? Has your Buddha protected Tibet its sovereignty ?! Who will make Tibet free in the end, Buddha (statues) or something else ? ... Haven't you done everything possible for your Buddha ? What good have the statues brought the Hindu ? Everyone is free now ? Haven't you done what those statues asked of you ? The only reward is for the parasitic elites who use the statues to deceive the people in giving them the power that the people need to free themselves to get their share of the created wealth, through social struggle (a nice word for war) if necessary. If you were made to think you are nothing and your greedy masters are everything and statues rule the world through imaginary spirit action, then why don't those spirits create servant statues for you that work without effort.

The communists and socialists claim they are scientific, yet the simplest of economic delusions such as the plan-economy has kept them occupied for more then a century, without an end in sight. When their core belief is the vote-block election system, they spend not one letter on its perfection or implementation. But what they do appear interested in, is grabbing some of the power of the capitalist system loses around the edges. When you tell them how an economy works, suddenly they are not home. When they think they have another follower, that might do what they want, then you are their friend. This is not limited to the corrupted main parties, but it happens also in the splinter groups that have no real chance on power. As with so many of the other groups they may mean well, but they just don't solve the problems, only create new and different ones ... because they refuse to do their homework.

The liberals are usually talking about individual freedom. Total anarchy and lawlessness is the most absolute form of individual freedom. But they don't want that, because that wouldn't be popular either. Then what is the grand vision of the liberals, and how will we get there ?

Then the people who say they are not political or who reject all politics: what exactly should we do according to them ? Leave everything as it is ? Change everything to what ? The nothing position is even worse then the wrong position, since how can one debate anything with a person who has no opinion on anything whatsoever; except of course they are on their own case, right ? At least someone who is stating a potentially wrong position is opening him/her-self up to a debate that might move things forward one century or the next.

When will the Unions call for a general strike simply to make the lowest wages in the Nation higher, even if every laborer in the Unions and outside will pay a price for that ? When will the Unions call for a general strike until one way or the other the top incomes and profit taking are reduced to normal human sizes ? When will the Unions take up the cause of economic Justice, that most of labor actually wants them to do ? When will the Union members stop following the Union bosses as if Union bosses aren't easily corrupted and greedy themselves and trading their power position with the capitalists they talk to all the time ?

When will the economists inform the public of the obvious facts of economic law, and how scandalously chaotic and nefarious the economic system is actually organized ? Too busy with learning how to take advantage of the system, eh ? You think nobody pays the price for your greed, dishonesty, lack of effort in understanding ?

When will the Judiciary system, judges, lawyers and law scholars, figure out how economic justice ought to work; when will they admit to the fact that their own often ridiculously high incomes are an act of injustice !

When will the public stop drinking beer and watching sports, while the Justice in the world is in near total chaos, always wars, always corruption; why can't the public figure it out for once ? Why does the public accept the Roman imperial system (parliament chamber, senatorial chamber, election of a ruling clique, often as lying and corrupt as they can get away with at the moment) as a form of democratic government ? Why is the question about why we have this system never asked by anyone, why are proposals aimed at making it more democratic never really making it ? How can humans be taken seriously when they accept the formal dictatorial rule of their business dictators as if this is something normal ? Has the public no brain ? How can the public stand by when banks report billions in profits, profits after the wages of workers have already been subtracted ? Where do these profits go, anyone wonder ? The public does not seem to know even the most basic facts about the reality it blindly accepts. When will the public stop accepting the idea that society is to be a race between winners and losers, where the "losers" - even if they do vital productive work - are open game for whatever level of exploitation, particularly if the public itself can profit from that ? Does the public really think that they won't be the losers, in abject exploitation and misery forever, if the most competent creatures that can be found would lay a real war on them for once ?! The only reason the public isn't helplessly crushed is because many people are in fact pursuing Justice rather then war. Those that understand the world to the level to know that only Justice has a long term future have been at war with injustice. Should they all change the perspective toward war, the general public that thinks it is so smart will be conquered in no time, true slaves forever, no hope of escape except death.

All in all: nobody is doing their homework. The consequences will come, they happen all the time already. The more technology progresses, the greater the potential damage from the implicit or inadvertent support for corruption.

But once giant war and/or other catastrophe really starts hitting home, maybe then humanity will choose to do their homework. Gigantic temporary catastrophe may be what it takes, and therefore it holds a lot of potential for finally solving the most obvious problems. It is not enough to merely "by accident" do the right thing: you have to understand it, so that you are able to operate democratic protocol and keep things going right. Don't do what I say you should because I say so. Figure out what should be done, objectively; if you figure it out without any help: so much the better !