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Print book: in this directory you find the files that make up the material in book form, all you need to do if you want it on paper, is print it out in alphabetic order (the last page is supposed to face outwards). 426 A4 pages, 150.000 words, 57 images, 36 color pages. The number of pages of a file is in the filename: ...-Np..., N is pages. It also prints ok in black/white.

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Book is printed, 1 x soft-cover Euro 39,-, all images in color. To order:, and/or Buying more copies results in a discount "up to 35%" ( decides the prices, this listing gives you no assumed rights). Though the book is in the "specialist literature" section on, it is meant for everyone and does not contain any jargon. As a book describing the Law and economy of the Nation, it should probably be in every home, it concerns everyone a great deal. Once it is the Constitution of your Country, your life is likely to be fundamentally changed: you go from brainwashed worker-slave in a futureless society, to owner of land and participant boss in your company, you have a real say in Government decisions, and there is no break on what good Government can do (no deadly enemy to doing good).

I have no idea whether there will be any `reviews.' Just bear in mind the book will not likely be to everyone's liking, some people are going to lose a lot of money (countless billions), if it were to be made real. Losing money is especially true for people owning the money system: the banking cartel, who therefore indirectly own much of the media, who might bother with reviews. I wouldn't take reviews in such media very serious, unless they're positive, of course ! ISBN: 978 90 77764 93 0 I get send 15% of the pre-taxes, pre-sending price (standard contract).

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Kirjaboek can print the boot in black/white which is roughly half the price. I bought 20 x for Euro 380,- incl. transport. This is not mentioned as a buy option, you'd have to ask them.

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They can make a hard-cover version too (not mentioned), but it is more expensive, with discounts if you buy more: prices approximately, excluding shipment: 1 x hard-cover +- 71,- Euro; 2 x hard-cover +- 109,- Euro (1 = 55,-); 5 x hard-cover +- 242 Euro (1 = 49,-); 10 x hard-cover +- 474 Euro (1 = 48,-) ( decides the prices, this listing gives you no assumed rights). I can only say: the hard-cover looks good, and a hard cover seems nice for a book that contains a Constitution / Law. You will probably have to contact them specifically about hard-cover copies if you like that, maybe they can make some for you. Maybe the cost can be recovered through a fairer society, could be a sweet deal in the end.

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 Title: Constitution Proposal
        Democracy - Economic & Moral Law
        Revolutionary Constitution
        A better Constitution
        A New Constitution

 Cover design: cover

 Back side: back

 side: david-star


   the land shall not be sold in perpetuity
                          Torah, 3.25:23


 This book has not been written to give you an entertaining time
 reading it. It has been written to give you - and me - a society
 in which it is entertaining to live. It was not proof-read by someone
 else before print, I did not know who to ask. What ended up book
 length was first to give a short definition and overview of democracy.
 It came to include economic systems, their mistakes, broad solutions,
 a detailed constitution that we should enact, and theorizing on how
 that enactment could work. Both against the will of the establishment,
 through revolution, and with it or using democratic leverage, through
 reform. Revolution here means strike action and enactment of the
 constitution, drawing on the peaceful support of the overwhelming world
 majority. Added is my theory of `Technical Darwinism,' the proof 
 of morality, a theory which unfortunately is not yet taught despite
 its potential effects. Maybe this book can help change the penetration.

 The complete content of this book can be freely downloaded from the
 Internet at or .

 At the end of the book are 6 more additions: the design document for
 'sede - secure democracy' (software), a new (economic) distribution
 index, a disproof of "relativity" theory (physics), and last a repeat
 of the proposed law.

 This book was quickly written and rushed to print, to do something
 about the world as quickly as possible. Hopefully not too many mistakes

                                  Jos Boersema, 5768 / 2007, Groningen

 ---------- Part 1: Economic Law

 From Conspiracy theory to system changes

 ---------- Part 2: Moral Law
 Technical Darwinism

 ---------- Enclosures
 Enclosure 1:
 Sede Design

 Enclosure 2:
 Distribution Index

 Enclosure 3:
 Getting Chipped ?

 Enclosure 4:
 Not everyone likes to pollute

 Enclosure 5:
 Disproving Relativity

 Enclosure 6:
Copyright: With the exception of the other people in the discussion material and freeware logo, everything here originates from Jos Boersema. The other people in that discussion have been paraphrased to remove their copyright-claim, see the original material on Usenet. I'm granting you the right to distribute this material. Some (sede, naddi) of this material is protected under a GNU license, which allows re-distribution. Some material is public domain. The sede computer program is not in the Public Domain to any extend, it is under a GNU distribution license, see for details the program. The freeware logo on page 1 / V originates from


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