* Make sure the conditions are favorable: no international war threat because of these changes, National majority which has declared itself openly in favor.

* People group per 100 or (a little?) more, elect one voter block housekeeper. This housekeeper is responsible for proper voting procedure. Elect a delegate / representative. Any delegate can be replaced at any moment if the voters of its block elect someone else.

* Delegates group geographically per 50 or more to form Local Government. Delegates elect from between themselves a chair person; it has no vote, it is responsible for the associated voter block housekeepers. This Local Government Council first decides on a Council name by agreeing a majority vote has been reached on a name, handles emergency situations, sets and publishes its agenda points for the next meeting. Unless there are emergencies, agenda points can only be handled if they have been 7 days on the public agenda. Proposals for new law require more time: 2 month' on the agenda. Taking this delay serious prevents chaos and is more democratic. If there are a lot of delegates in a local Government body, they can group again together to form 50 groups of local delegates. Each delegate group sends one delegate for Local Government.

* Proposed/default meeting places: Monday 1st and 3rd of the Month in the city-center or first suitable location to its North, if none there first suitable location to the east of the line city center / North by rotating that line around the city like the arm of a clock. Tuesday every week the same in neighborhoods (according to name or geography). Wednesday on 4 O'Clock in the neighborhoods in the street which sorts lowest in the alphabet. Thursday the delegates which have been elected by other delegates in the city center or neighborhood center.

* When you get things right, look at other cities and make sure they get it right.

* Entire Nation: Divide the Nation in blocks not larger then 100 million potential voters (adults or all persons). Divide this Nation in 50 blocks with (about) equal numbers of delegates. Each 50th of the Nation's delegates, elects one delegate for National Government. This "Country Council" works like the Local Government Councils: agenda points, delegate replacement. Elect the Electoral Committee (EC), that is 10 persons on a National ballot directly by the People, see Constitution for the rules. Decide whether you want a King Elect, if so the oldest in the EC will become King Elect. The EC can be elected and next to it a Referendum on whether the People want to start with a King Elect in place. This King only has power if the delegates create chaos and the courts agree this is the case. The EC can call new elections, also for themselves by stepping down. This King has to be re-elected after having had real power for one year (see Constitution for the exact rules).

* It is a system of Law, not a system of unlimited representative power, Referendum results are binding. The Local Government deals with local problems and can make law to the degree the Country Council allows it. The Country Council handles National issues, maintains the Constitution and Currency, solves problems between Local Governments. The Courts maintain the system: Courts of Justice solve legal disputes, Judge Courts judge potential mistakes there, the National Law Court interprets the Law if there are legal disputes on the meaning of the Law. There is no rules higher then the Constitution, the Police enforces the Law. The Courts will have to accept the new Laws, but all law that does not conflict with the Constitution, remains as is, until it is explicitly changed by the proper legal procedure.

* Take responsibility for the Nation, and be accountable. Uphold the law, fight crime. The Country is not embedded in an International nanny system, but fully sovereign to do what it wants. You will get the kind of country according to the effort put in.